Monday, 31 August 2015

Sale! Saturday September 26th

We're running a stall as part of the Garage Sale Trail. We'll be in Butterfield Green from 2-4pm selling good quality second-hand stuff, cakes and tea.

Join us as a seller (bring your own table, plus rain cover if needed), for a small donation to the cause. Or come as a buyer (all welcome).

Or both!!

More info on the Garage Sale Trail website here.

Please e-mail Annie for further details here.

Monday, 6 July 2015

Picnic on Butterfield Green - Sunday 12th July

The annual SRA and BUG picnic in the park will take place this coming Sunday, July 12th, from 2 to 5pm in Butterfield Green, with music, food, and games!

Please bring a rug to sit on as well as food to eat and drink (to share if you like). We will try to get a couple of barbeques together for everyone to use.

Hope to see you there.

Shakespeare Residents' Association & BUG meeting 13th May 2015

Annie, Silvia, Christophe, Pat, Diane, Jawad, Rachel, Tora

Ken, Maggie, Phil, Bron, Geraldine

The Minutes of our April meeting were approved

BUG/ MUGA (Multi Use Games Area)
Planting day on Friday April 17th was successful, however only one volunteer attended. The beds have subsequently been watered. The parks department had also bought plants for the woodland but not prepared the beds, so this could not be done but will be done in the autumn, potentially by a group of corporate volunteers. Annie will look into this. In the meantime the plants are kept by the council. Next gardening session will be on the 14th of June.

Film Night
Successful despite rain, some things to remember for next time:
- We should invest in three 25m length heavy duty power cables/extension leads. Pat will buy these.
- We need another solid gazebo for the equipment, similar to the one we had for the refreshment tent. It should have sides. Christophe to check with Bron if she will be OK with storing a new one (in exchange for the one we have now thrown away) and then buy it.
- Wrong kind of screen was delivered: we were given a discount, but we were very close to having to cancel because of this. What can be done to avoid something similar happening again? Tora to ask Hackney Council if they could get us a preferred rate with a reliable supplier.
- MANY thanks to Rajni for donating the projector to the SRA/BUG!
- Rachel and Jenn will draw up a list of kit that is needed for screening, Pat will add list of other necessary items for food tent and stewards etc. This way we can ensure we have everything ahead of the day next time.
- Some financial matters still need sorting out, Rachel and Christophe to make sure everything is finalized before the AGM.
Finally, huge thanks to all the volunteers, particularly to Jenn for her help and also to Caroline for assisting throughout!

Cycle Superhighway
Meeting planned with a representative from TfL and Hackney Council to review on-site the problem junctions/areas identified in our consultation letter. We decided that morning or afternoon rush hours would best illustrate our concerns, and morning would probably be best (around 8-9am). Tora to send an email to TfL and Hackney Council to introduce Silvia, Alex, and Mary Cate, who will arrange exact timing for a meeting in the coming week(s).

It was particularly noted that the online consultation questionnaire was very poorly formulated with little room to input own comments.

AGM Planning
We discussed potential speakers for the AGM, including politicians or local activists, potentially involved in the anti-austerity campaign, or with the NHS locally (in the context of the recent election results). It was decided that we would approach some of the potential candidates in the coming week and then re-group via email to determine who would be most appropriate and available.

We need to try to get someone to take on the website/facebook (either as one position or split in two) role at the AGM, as this position has been vacated and the website is not being updated.

We discussed another Summer Picnic to be arranged before the school holidays. We discussed entertainment/music, and Jawad will investigate whether some local musicians would be available.12th of July was suggested as a potential date to be confirmed at next month’s meeting.

Letterbox Library – the site has been leased to a charity bakery organization that trains vulnerable women. We will try to get some more information and share with the wider group as soon as possible.

Volunteers for the Orchard gardening days – volunteers are very much needed, as fewer and fewer people seem to show up. We need to advertise this. It is key that we get some people along on the 14th of June as there is a lot to be done.

Film night finances are still to be finalized, but we seem to have managed to break even. We will need the accounts to be audited at the AGM, so any outstanding invoices/receipts should be handed in by then.

Dates for diaries
10th June – SRA AGM, 8pm
14th June – Gardening in Butterfield Green, 2-4pm
12th July – SRA/BUG picnic, Butterfield Green, 1-5pm

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Shakespeare Residents' Association & BUG meeting 8th April 2015

Meeting:        Shakespeare Residents' Association & BUG meeting
Time:              Wednesday 8th April, 2015
Venue:           The RoOM, 62 Allen Road

Pat, Phil, Rachel, Tora, Diane, Bron, Alex

Ken, Maggie, Annie, Katie, Pete, Geraldine, Christophe

The Minutes of our March meeting were approved

Pump has been switched on and is in heavy use. Planting day confirmed with the Parks Department for Friday April 17th at 10.30 to plant up the prairie beds by the Allen Road entrance. Maggie has asked Georgie for some fencing for the Allen Road bed – hazel fencing suggested.
No updates from the council regarding the MUGA.

Film Night – Saturday 25th April
Council application forms submitted by Tora. Provisional acceptance has been received from the Parks Events Team. TEN also submitted. Pete has ordered the kit, to be picked up by Alex and Rachel on Friday 24th. Music to be acoustic, so no need for additional amplifiers. Phil will bring the key to the gardener’s hut. Rachel has booked security, same people and same rate as last time. We have requested at least one female security guard. Pat will be in charge of the food tent. Tora to send out another general email and ask for more cake donations. Phil and Christophe have the easy gazebos – both will be needed. 4pm setup start for volunteers. Geraldine will do the poster when she is back from holidays, Bron will print/laminate, and Alex will put them up.

New cheque for the Mary Wollstonecraft statue at Newington Green campaign needed – wrong name on the previous one.

The issue of rubbish outside the shop on Allen Road was raised. There is a problem with littering (small wrappers/containers being thrown on the ground around the shop entrance) as well as with black bin bags constantly standing around the tree. A council bin was suggested, however Bron highlighted that this has been tried before and only resulted in more rubbish being thrown on the ground around the bin. It was decided that Tora would raise it with the shop owners directly and then take it further to the council if necessary.

Keith Magnum at The Hackney Citizen has requested questions to be posed to the candidates during their election debates. We discussed three topics that would be interesting to hear their views on:
- Housing: how can money be unlocked to build more housing and how can we ensure a fairer rental market?
- Planning legislation: what needs to change in national legislation to allow local residents and councils to have an influence over local developments and the local environment?
- Sustainability: how to ensure a more sustainable Britain and Hackney?

Tora submitted the suggested questions to Keith.

Dates for diaries
17th April – Planting day, 10.30am
25th April – SRA/BUG Film night in the park
26th April – Election debates at the Arcola, Ashwin St. 2-4pm
13th May – SRA Meeting, 8pm
10th June – SRA AGM, 8pm
14th June – Gardening in Butterfield Green, 2-4pm

Shakespeare Residents' Association & BUG meeting 11th March 2015

Meeting:        Shakespeare Residents' Association & BUG meeting
Time:              Wednesday 11th March, 2015
Venue:           The RoOM, 62 Allen Road

Pat, Maggie, Rachel, Christophe, Pat, Tora, Jawad, Bron, Annie, Alex, Ned, Sylvia

Ken, Phil, Katie, Pete,

The Minutes of our February meeting were approved

Work on the MUGA is delayed due to unsafe supports for lights.
Money has been put aside for it, and there will be some money left over: not sure if it can be used for other works, such as the path in the orchard.
The pump will be switched on before Easter.
Next gardening day: Friday (not Sunday) April 17th at 10.30 to plant up the prairie beds by the Allen Road entrance.

Cycle Superhighway consultation
While we support efforts to make London more cycle-friendly – many of us commute by bike – we have serious concerns about safety on Section 11 of the proposed CS1 that runs down Nevill Road, onto Wordsworth Road, and past Butterfield Green. Specifically:

·         The Walford Road/ Nevill Road junction – by Rainbow Nursery – is already dangerous because of poor visibility due to parked cars, the Council cycle store and a pillar box – particularly when parents are dropping/ collecting children. Cars regularly speed on this stretch of Nevill Road too. It needs additional traffic calming measures, a pedestrian crossing. Instead, TFL proposes to remove/ reduce speed bumps. But it’s a police emergency route, so is difficult to manage.

·         The pedestrian/ cycle lane joining Palatine and Nevill Roads are heavily used by families with young children, staff and children at Garden School, and elderly and disabled people. Many of these find crossing the existing cycle lane difficult and unsafe, and fear the greater volume and speed of bikes using CS1.
Shakespeare Residents’ Association and Butterfield Green Users’ Group

While we have ideas on how to improve safety, we are not traffic experts. So we suggest

All SRA members please comment on the TFL proposals before the March 29th deadline at,
Sylvia and Alex will write to TFL requesting an on-site meeting to outline our concerns and request additional measures. Deadline: March 29th

Film Night – Saturday 25th April
Pete has secured equipment for £260.
Alex and Rachel will collect and return to save £120 delivery charge.
Katie has applied for film license for The Incredibles, Back To The Future and Chicken Run; will report on final choice next week.
Rachel will contact and brief volunteers. Ken will be head steward.
Bron/ Pat will invite local bands and report to Tora asap.
Tora will coordinate cake donations.
Bron and Tora will make popcorn.
Geraldine will make a poster (before 20th March).
Tora will ask Edel McGrath at Hackney Council events – again – to produce a list of good hire companies and a discounted rate card for community events.
Tora will submit the council application forms by 13th of March.
Pete will contact Bhavesh who run community film nights on Millfields Park for tips for local hire options for future events.

Former Letterbox Library site, 71 Allen Road
Hackney is offering a 5 year lease. Deadline for expressions of interest Friday 13th March, and for applications, Friday 20th March.

Our charitable donation for 2014 is for £100 to the Mary Wollstonecraft statue at Newington Green. Alex received the cheque on behalf of the campaign.
Our thanks to Andy for his generous donation of the outstanding hire costs for the Jungle Book film night.
Current balance: £1,846.23

The Co-Housing Project on Shakspeare Walk is willing to show interested neighbours around.
The Hackney Citizen is hosting two free election debates simultaneously at the Arcola theatre in Dalston on Sunday 26 April from 2 to 4pm. To suggest questions, offer help, and/or request a free ticket,

Dates for diaries
20th March – applications to Hackney for 71 Allen Road
23rd March – Education Question Time at Stoke Newington School (7.30pm)
8th April – SRA meeting
17th April – Gardening, 10.30am (yes, really!!)
25th April – SRA/BUG Film night in the park
26th April – Election debates at the Arcola, Ashwin St. 2-4pm