Friday, 10 October 2014

Apple Day! Sunday 19 Oct, 2-4pm, Butterfield Green Orchard

Please join your neighbours on Sunday, 19 October, for Apple Day in the Butterfield Green Community Orchard from 2-4pm.  There will be live music, apple games, lots of activities for children, hand-pressed apple juice, home-made cakes and treats, and much more.  Free and all are welcome!  Help us out by downloading and printing the poster.

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Butterfield Green Picnic this Sunday, 27 July, from 1pm

Come and join us for a picnic in Butterfield Green on Sunday!

We will start at 1 pm, but do come from 12 if you would like to help setting up. Please bring blankets, food and drink, and any games - footballs, frisbees, ping pong bats etc. There will be musicians, food to share, neighbours to meet, and games to play!

Monday, 2 June 2014

Shakespeare Residents' Association & BUG exec meeting, 12 March 2014

Maggie, Tora, Annie, Ken, Christophe, Diane, Rachel, Claire

Bron, Pat, Phil

The February Minutes were approved.

BUG update
Niki’s email update about works done in the playground and MUGA was read out to the meeting. Tora reported that Niki will be moving to a different position within the council and a new park officer will replace her. It was decided that Tora would reach out to the new officer and invite her to the next meeting. Maggie reported on the Management Plan. The colour coding of issues completed/pending is helpful and we would agree with the red coded items. However, we were uncertain if some of the items which were marked as green had really been successfully completed. In general, we have found this year that the council has been slow to respond to problems reported.

Film Night Planning
Following Film Night meeting on the 5th (key points reported to the meeting) it was decided that we would show The Jungle Book. Andy and Bron will look into getting some musicians lined up, and we still need suggestions for a short (cartoon, animal themed?) that could be shown before the main film. Ken volunteered to help set up, along with Tora and Claire and Andy. We’ll start this at around 2.30, with stewards arriving from 6.30. Rachel is responsible for stewards. Tora is responsible for refreshments and will coordinate urns, paper cups etc. Claire will fill out the council forms and submit and Christophe is doing the license. Maggie and Phil will drop off the gazebos at Bron’s. Tora to email Richard about using the toilets in the pub.

Christophe is sending a copy of his ID to the bank which should be the last thing required to change the signatories. Christophe to update the group once complete.

  • Bron would be interested in doing a first aid course, which would be useful for film nights and other events in the park. Christophe to look into prices and report back.
  • Maggie reported that Janet and John Taylor are moving away from the area. She suggested organizing a joint SRA and BUG good bye at Bron’s following gardening on the 13th of April. Maggie to coordinate this.
  • Annie reported back on her meeting with the East London Business Association: there are still a number of forms to fill in, but we could potentially get a group of volunteers in May. They will provide materials.
  • Ken reported on seeing that Britain In Bloom is providing funding for peat-free community planting projects. Annie and Maggie to look into this.
  • Sainsbury’s: Rachel updated the meeting on the latest developments: The calling has been refused. There is an attempt now to get a second judicial review.
  • Dalston Curve Garden is due to close down as developers are now looking to redevelop the area. Planning reviews are ongoing. More to come on this.
  • Russell will do a Tree Walk in Butterfield Green on the 5th of April. Annie to send out an email and update the website.

Dates for Diaries
·         13th April – Community Gardening
·         26th April – Film night
·         11th May – Community Gardening
·         14th May – SRA/BUG Meeting

Sunday, 6 April 2014

SRA and BUG exec meeting, Wednesday 12th of February

Annie, Claire, Bron, Phil, Diane, Rachel, Cristophe, Tora, Erayna, Geraldine

Pat, Ken, Maggie, Andy, Rajni

The January Minutes were approved.

BUG update
Annie will meet a representative of the East London Business Association to discuss opportunities for volunteers to help out in Butterfield Green. It is understood that they will fund materials needed and that they would be coming for a whole weekday. Annie to clarify with the organization and we’ll discuss further during the March meeting. 
Potential works that would need doing include the pathway through the orchard, which is very muddy now (woodchip gone) – we would like something natural but semi-permeable which would keep the path a bit less muddy. Phil volunteered to re-lay some woodchip; this could be done at a community gardening session.
We also discussed the issue of not getting enough people to come along to the communal gardening sessions. Annie will investigate whether it is possible to put an ad in Hackney Today.

MUGA: Nothing new.

Children’s Playground: No updates to report. It was decided that we would contact Niki to get an update of what has been done and review at the next meeting. Tora to follow up.

Film Night Planning
We decided to keep to the suggested date: April 26th. Andy has confirmed he can make it. We will hold a separate meeting to start the specific planning and sharing of duties. This was suggested for the 5th of March in the Shakespeare Pub. To be confirmed with Andy and then circulated to the full email list. In terms of film choices, we reviewed suggestions received but decided to postpone the decision for the separate meeting on the 5th. Geraldine confirmed that she can make a poster. Christophe volunteered to organize the renewal of the film license. 

Sainsbury’s update
No significant new developments; the third application has been approved by Hackney Council. Barristers are currently assessing whether it would be worth taking the case to judicial review. While this is likely to happen, it would most likely only delay (rather than stop) the development. Overall, however, it was emphasized that the campaign has brought the community together and drawn support to Abney Park and local shops. Rachel showed us her photography project, documenting local shop owners affected by the Sainsbury’s development. We discussed where best to broadcast this and how.

There are still prolonged issues with the change of signatories for the account. We discussed switching to a bank with a local branch. Christophe and Maggie to coordinate final steps to change the signatories, and then Christophe will look into switching. Furthermore, it was decided that we will donate £200 to Hackney Night Shelter.

Diane reported that the trees in Church Walk have been dealt with by the Council.

Annie reported that there has been an increase in burglaries in the local area recently. The police has distributed a leaflet with tips for how to prevent this.

Dates for Diaries
  • 5th March - Film Night planning meeting in the Shakespeare pub
  • 9th March – Community Gardening
  • 12th March – SRA/BUG meeting
  • 5th April - Tree Walk in Butterfield Green
  • 9th April – SRA/BUG meeting
  • 13th April – Community Gardening
  • 26th April – Film night