Monday, 28 January 2008

New Hedging on Butterfield Green

Hedging has been planted along part of the new wall of the Shakespeare Mews development (the old Victorian wall was unfortunately demolished) and along the railings bordering the play area near the development.
The hedging is funded by the London Woodland Trust and is all native to Britain. It will provide food and shelter for birds and useful insects.
There are six different types:
  • Blackthorn (prunus spinosa): Masses of white flowers in early summer, purple fruits - sloes - eaten by wildlife
  • Common Dogwood (cornus sanguinea): Small clusters of very small white flowers, stems are dark red, leaves turn red in Autumn, small black berries eaten by wildlife
  • Dog Rose (
    rosa canina): Scented, delicate pink or white flowers, red hips in Autumn eaten by wildlife
  • Field Maple (acer campestre): Tiny flowers, leaves turn golden yellow then orange/brown in Autumn, seeds eaten by wildlife
  • Hawthorn (crataegus monogyna): Masses of white flowers in early summer, red berries in Autumn eaten by wildlife
  • Spindle Berry
    (euronymus europaeus): Tiny greenish flowers, in Autumn leaves turn pink or red, bright pink berries with an orange seed-casing, eaten by wildlife

Thank you:
Michael Dixon, Hackney Parks Area Manager for permission,
Junior Pierre and Richard Brooks Hackney Parks gardeners for all the planting work, and
Butterfield Green Community Orchard Group for raising the funds and mulching the hedge

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