Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Planting Day at Butterfield Green Stream

Scores of sustainable plants - including grasses, irises, euphorbia, bergenia and epimedium - were planted by extremely hard-working neighbours of the Green and many of their children on Saturday 4th April.

Plants needing a warmer and drier spot were placed in the circular bed near Wordsworth Road. These include lavender, sedum and grasses.

The top end of the stream was cleared - revealing another bench from the original early 1980's design, which incorporated urban materials such as granite kerb stones and railway sleepers amongst the naturalistic boulders and hillocks of the stream banks.

A big thank you to all helpers and especially to
  • Annie Wilson and Lucy Bristow for the planting plan.
  • Tassy from the design company Rattlin Boag, which is installing the bridge and the water pump as well as refurbishing the stream. She worked with us all day - and provided the delicious cakes and tea.
  • Hackney Parks for providing the compost and the plants.
The funds for these works were obtained by the Butterfield Green Group - part of the Shakespeare Neighbourhood Residents' Association.

Clearing the Stream

Planting by the stream

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