Tuesday, 21 April 2009

A sign of the times?

We have had a number of responses regarding the newly installed sign near the stream on Butterfield Green - would you like to comment, too?


Flora said...

I strongly dislike this sign -- it doesn't reflect the environment that it's in, it's too big, it has a totally unrelated and out-of-context image on it, and it was installed without speaking to anyone who's put time into the Green! It's ridiculous!

Philip said...

I live in Spenser Grove. All the residents in mine and the surrounding blocks suffer terribly from mosquitoes in the summer and I believe the stream at BG to be a major breeding ground for them.

Does anyone else suffer from the same problem?

It is a horrible thing to have to live with for the best part of four months a year.
Last year I took some video footage of larvae that I believe to be mosquitoes.

Does anyone have any comments or suggestions?

Flora said...

That sounds terrible! I don't suffer from that, being on Princess May Walk a few streets away, but I would tend to blame the stagnant water. I bet that when the stream is running smoothly it will sort out any mosquito problem.

I see there's a recent post on this site letting us know that they're talking to The Learning Trust and the Hackney Parks, trying to get them to fulfil their responsibility to fix the stream.

I wonder if it would be worth getting in touch with The Learning Trust and the Hackney Parks to add your voice to the effort?