Saturday, 30 May 2009

Albion Grove Planting Bed

The small planting bed on Albion Grove -- opposite the red-brick church -- has been
planted with a mixture of perennial plants. All the plants have culinary or traditional
medical/household uses.

The planting day, Sunday 26th April 2009, was the culmination of nearly three years of frustrating
communication – and communication breakdown – with Hackney Council’s Street
Scene. Finally, after the intervention of Cllr Karen Allcock, Hackney Council supplied
plants, topsoil, bark chippings and a contractor to support local residents’ work.

Lots of neighbours, including many enthusiastic children, joined SNRA members in
placing the plants and watering them in. Local resident Sarah and her daughter Rosie
offered to keep the bed well-watered in its early weeks and also donated several
sunflower plants. Another resident donated stock seedlings.

The planting bed in Albion Grove was completed on Saturday 30th May 2009 -- it now forms a beautiful, sustainable oasis for beneficial insects and our delight. With thanks to:

  • Debra Shaw from Hackney Council's Street Scene for the plants
  • Annie Wilson for the planting plan and the planting - together with Pat O'Leary and their labourer, Phil
  • Sarah and Rosie Allen for watering all the plants

All plants have a culinary use or a traditional medicinal use.
Fennel  foeniculum vulgare Herb used to aid digestion – sweet aniseed flavour used in sauces and with fish
Foam flower  tiarella corifolia    Traditionally used for tonic and diuretic properties, to help correct acidity and relieve indigestion
Globe artichokes cynara scolymus  Grown for the spikey flower buds which have ‘hearts’  that can be cooked and eaten
Hyssop  hyssopus officinalis Herb used in salads and soups; oil used in making Chartreuse.  Also used to aid digestion and ease sore throats
Lady’s Mantle  alchemilla mollis Traditionally used to stop bleeding and help healing
Lavender  lavendula Flowers have a relaxing, sedative effect; traditionally used for headaches and insomnia
Marjoram   origanum vulgare Herb used to flavour pizza, spaghetti and tomato dishes
Polemonium  Jacob’s ladder  Used as a hair rinse by native Americans and traditionally for nervous complaints and fevers
Rosemary, creeping  rosmarinus prostrates Herb used in cooking meat, stews and vegetables; traditionally used to heal wounds & bruises;  a stimulant and to help digestion
Sage  salvia officinalis Herb used to flavour meat, soups and stews; used as a mouthwash to clear mouth ulcers, bleeding gums, sore throats
Scented geranium  geranium macrorrhizum  Scented leaves used in pot pourri and in perfumery
Stinking Iris  iris foetidissima Traditionally used as an infusion for nervous complaints
Sunflower  helianthus Annual flower, seeds used for oil and can be eaten raw
Sweet Woodruff  gallium oderatum Used in pot pourri and to ward off moths and insects; made into a tea to relieve tension and help sleep
Thyme  thymus vulgaris  

& poultry;
Herb used in cooking meat has antiseptic properties and traditionally used for colds, coughs and bronchial problems

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