Monday, 14 September 2009

Gymnastics club at the former ZoomAround building

For those of you who are interested in what is happening with the former ZoomAround building, please follow the news on

The gymnastics club that got the lease, and its volunteers, were ready to get everything ready for a September start as soon as they got the news about the permission to lease the building, back in July.

However, the club didn't get the Heads of Terms until August 21st, and the terms required that just one person (supported by 3 guarantors) signed, and that person would be limitlessly liable financially, and the 3 guarantors would also be limitlessly liable... which all seems a bit unreasonable.

Apparently the liability issue is to make sure the council has no loss of rent, and personally I can't understand why a lease can't be drawn up where for example the club would have to provide a deposit for rent for X months, and the guarantors could be liable for X months, thus protecting the council sufficiently, and putting a fixed cap on everyone's liability.

The gymclub is taking legal advice on the issue, but in the meanwhile, everything is standing still, taxmonies are being spent on electricity etc for the squatters, and the earliest start of the classes, if the club gets the building at all?!, will be January.

A great shame since everyone is raring to go, and the waiting lists are still growing by the day.

Although I'm not sure this is official, I've heard that the one other acceptable (by the council) contender for the building was a Soup Kitchen, and personally I would be worried that this might cause extra trouble in the area, whereas I think the gymnastics club, with all the exciting things they seem to offer, is a great idea.

Local resident, and NELGC volunteer

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