Monday, 9 November 2009

The problem with dogs

Image of Islington tree damaged by dogs
by Graeme Robertson for The Guardian

Dogs are a frequent topic of conversation in our residents’ group, usually on the subject of dog fouling in the park. More serious issues have come to light in recent months concerning the fighting breeds of dog, which seem to be so much a feature of inner city life, and yet are a source of fear to many in our neighbourhood.

Several trees in Butterfield Green have been so badly damaged by these dogs that metal guards have had to used to protect them. Disturbingly, dog fights have been reported taking place in the park at night.

Of greater concern is the number of pets killed by these dogs. Bred to kill, they are very unpredictable and yet are often kept off-lead. Several local people have had their cats killed on their doorsteps by dogs off lead, others have been left with badly injured pets requiring extensive surgery. It’s surprising that, so far, no child has been injured.

Is it time that a law was passed requiring all dogs to kept on a lead on public roads and pathways in cities? Our councilor Karen Alcock is investigating what the council’s policy is on dogs, but if you have a view on the issue we welcome your comments.

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Malcolm said...

We couldn't agree more with your article more. The prevalence of agressive, nasty dogs in the area is a source of constant fear for parents of young children such as ourselves. We would support any measures which seek to restrict such animals eg leads obligatory in parks and enforcement of bans on certain breeds. This needs to be a priority for teh Council in our view.
Malcolm & Katie Birks Leonard Place, Allen Rd