Thursday, 14 January 2010

Letter template re dangerous dogs

Dear all

Happy New Year!

Following on from our concerns regarding dangerous dogs,(details here), here's the template for letters to Diane Abbott MP and Mayor Jules Pipe.

You can contact Diane Abbott MP here and Mayor Jules Pipe here.

Best wishes
Keith Magnum


Dear Ms Abbott MP / Mayor Pipe ( delete as appropriate)

I am sure you are aware of the rise in numbers of so-called ‘status’ dogs in inner city boroughs such as Hackney and the problems they cause.

These dogs are often bred to attack and can be very unpredictable - yet are often kept off lead by their owners.

There have been a number of incidents in our neighbourhood of pet cats being killed by such dogs – in one incident this happened on the doorstep of the cat owner’s home. Other residents’ dogs have been set upon in the street and left with horrific injuries. It is surprising but fortunate that, so far, no child (or adult) has been injured.

Many people in our community have said that they feel intimidated and are fearful of dogs, particularly so when they are not on a lead.

Currently the law states that dogs should be kept under control, but it does not specify what this entails.

Clearly, a lead is a visible sign of control that could help prevent further attacks on and deaths of local people’s pets, and it would also help residents feel safer when out in their own neighbourhood.

I therefore ask if you could possibly assist in passing a law which specified that, in residential areas in cities, dogs have to be kept on a lead on public roads and street pathways.

I hope you can help, and look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely

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Anonymous said...

"Here on the Gold Coast Australia we have a good system all dogs have to be registered every year ($35) paid to the local Council who then issue a small plastic tag (colour changed every year) to attach to the dogs collar.
If a dog is caught without a tag the dog is impounded and owners have to pay a $185 fine to get their dog released from the pound.
No more loose dogs in the streets."