Sunday, 18 April 2010

Butterfield Green News April 2010

The BUG committee met with the parks development officer on Friday 9th April. We are extremely grateful for her support and all the actions she has carried out for the park

Table tennis

The site near the bandstand for the adult table tennis agreed with Hackney Parks cannot be used, as the slope is too great and cannot be levelled in time. So the table, supplied by the English Table Tennis Association, has been placed on the hard area at the back of the electricity sub-station, near the alley-way separating the main park from the Wordsworth Road play area. We have been told that the area will be repaired.

Allen Road gates area

The perennial planting near the Allen Road gates went ahead according to plan, but is suffering somewhat from some poor preparation of the beds. There is topsoil over the area, but the ground below is very compacted. Because water settles just below the surface, some plants are ‘lifting’ from the ground.

We have been told that mushroom compost will be spread on the bed.

Round bed next to the Wordsworth Road playground

This area is going to be replanted as a slightly more formal bed with drought tolerant, insect-friendly plants: white lavender, white candytuft and an olive tree. We have asked that the bed be prepared properly with free-draining soil.
Play area in Wordsworth Road section

As part of the green flag action plan, the grass play area was going to be extended and ‘amenity’ shrubs removed. There is apparently no money for this now. This is a cut since our original agreement for the Green Flag plan.
Cherry tree near bandstand

The cherry tree that Hackney agreed to plant (to replace the one mistakenly chopped down 2 years ago…) has not yet appeared . We have chased this and the parks development officer is also doing so.

Woodland planting

The next area to be planted is the long strip next to the basket hoop court, alongside Palatine Road. We agreed on woodland planting for this area and have asked to meet to discuss how this will be done.

Old planting

The native roses along the path behind the old chapel, which BCT volunteers rescued from the clutches of ivy (after they’d been strimmed down to ankle level) are recovering really well.

The planting alongside the stream, which was all done by volunteers is also doing really well and looking great.

We planted new fruit bushes: a blackberry, a loganberry, a jostaberry and summer raspberries on Sunday 11th April as well as weeding round trees (their fine feeding roots can’t take the competition from the grass).

Most of the trees are looking great, but a pear tree has been severely damaged – the whole top has been broken off (by bending it to the ground). The tree guard round this tree had been taken away. We have tidied the break and are leaving the tree, as we expect it to regenerate. We have put a notice on it and have asked Hackney to replace the tree guard. An apple tree has also had a main branch torn off and the compost containers have been damaged. Dogs and dog owners are the main suspects - a bad year for dog damage…


As you will have noticed, work has stopped on the stream (coming up for its first anniversary of not working….) The contractors said they would be working on the pipe connecting the pump to the high end of the stream. The parks development officer is chasing this.

Repairs to paths

These have also stopped as Hackney ran out of repair material. We hope this will be continued soon.

Biodiversity officer

We met Hackney’s new biodiversity officer. She has a brief across all Hackney developments as well as parks. She was interested in what we have done in BG and appreciated our concern about ground preparation for planting in Butterfield Green.
Youth Event

Children and Young People’s Services are working on a major project to refurbish and revamp youth centres in the borough and this includes one at the Milton Gardens Estate. They are planning to run a celebratory launch event at Butterfield Green in July. The parks development officer has spoken to them about some of the issues that we experience at Butterfield, most notably damage to trees by dogs and dog fouling / fighting etc. She asked if they could include something on dogs in the event, perhaps a dog show / dog whisperer-type training and maybe even some people from the Dogs Trust to offer free micro chipping / dog health checks.

We said that this sounds like a fantastic idea for the park and its users!

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