Thursday, 4 November 2010

BUG Meeting Friday 29th October 2010

Present: Annie, Maggie, Pat and Eleanor Johnson (Park Development Officer)

1. New planting area near Allen Road Main Gates

Darrell produced a list of plants to infill the new planting area by the Allen Road gates. There is no money for plants from the parks. We agreed that BUG would pay for the plants (c.£300) and plant them in a community gardening session. The ground needs to be weeded again.

Action: Annie to check list and order plants

Maggie to send out notice to BUG contacts

BUG to weed area and plant

2. Table tennis area and MUGA

Elle is pursuing section 106 funding to improve the table tennis area and is discussing with the sports development team the use of FA money for resurfacing the MUGA.

Action: Elle to negotiate funding for the 2 sports areas.

4. Developments on BG

BG will be put in for a Green Flag again next year, so development plan needs to be updated by January. We discussed ideas for addressing some of the weaknesses identified in the inspection:

1. Areas of park seem unrelated and unlinked

2. Some entrances not welcoming

3. Lack of good signage

We discussed areas of the park being linked by a map at entrances showing a ‘green route’ through the entire park. The 4 areas could be distinct and have their own identity within the overall park.

Hackney is revamping all signs.

Need to develop identity for Milton Grove section which is being used as a dog run by owners who close gates and do not clear up after dogs. Possibility of proposing the removal of gates and lowering of fence.

Entrances to the park should have low-growing, preferably colourful planting.

Action: BUG and Elle to meet asap to discuss priorities and agree actions

newsletter etc.

5. Apple Day

This was a great success and raised almost £250 for BG activities (see 1, above). The grass was cut and wood chip delivered by Hackney Parks. There is enough woodchip to mulch the trees.

6. Dog Training

This was run by The Dogs Trust on October 27th in the main area of BG and attracted many clients who did not have knowledge of how to train their dogs.

7. British Conservation Trust

The BCT is bringing young people to BG on Sat December 18th to work to earn their bus passes back. We are asking them to take up shrubs round the children’s play area in the Wordsworth Road section. This is to improve the sightlines into the park and to increase the area for play – the ground will be grassed.

Action: Maggie to contact BCT

8. Stream and Pump

The pump will be turned off on November 1st as will the stream. There will be a notice explaining this and the handle of the pump will be removed to prevent it being pumped and possible break while empty.

Action: Darrell/Elle to ensure water is off, pump handle removed and notice is up.

9. Bulb planting

Hackney Parks are working with local primary schools to plant bulbs in BG during this week. They will concentrate on the bandstand area.

mmc 1st Nov 2010

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