Monday, 22 November 2010

Minutes of Executive Committee Wednesday 10 November 2010 at SWAPA

Financial Report
Nick reported that
• Our current account contains £2,032.56
• We banked £250 after Apple Day
• Film Night nearly broke even, but was in any case, great PR for us.
• Nick will collect subs at the December meeting/ social
• Nick will work with Andy on setting up a two-signatory BACS payment system so we can make payments electronically

SRA Website
We are very grateful to Flora for updating our website.
Nick suggests we create a page with recommendations of trusted local tradespeople.
Rachel will ask Flora.

Butterfield Green update
See BUG Minutes dated 29th October.

Rachel read out John Wade’s letter about Hackney’s work with dog owners’ to date. Rachel agreed to write to him thanking him.

Format and agenda for 8th December general meeting
SRA meeting at 7.30, party from 8pm, at Coffee Corner

We will supply mulled wine and mince pies.
Bron is co-ordinating musicians, an amp, and mulled wine.
Maggie will co-ordinate mince pies – and Tree Musketeers calendars?
Maggie will draft copy for a poster; Pat will create; Bron will laminate.
Rachel will do an e-mail out to let people know the date.
Guest list suggestions to Rachel – e.g. Keith, Daryll, Russell, Elle, Karen etc.
Nick will collect SRA subscriptions.

SWAPA update
SWAPA is now up and running, though the space is proving hard to clean and
some of the finish is poor.
It is being hired out for First Aid training sessions by the Play Association

Winter Newsletter
Ulla will send copy to Pat for the deadline of November 10th.
Bron has offered to take it into the printers if that’s useful.

Dogs petition
We await Cllr. Karen Alcock’s response to queries about our dangerous dogs
petition (Rachel)

• Re Horizon Campaign, we agreed that the SRA will not make a formal
response, but we encourage any members to do so if they wish. Andy
has agreed to keep tabs on developments. Anyone can join the mailing
list c/o Ali Worthy at or see the blog at

Bron has responded to a request from Frances at LBH for info needed
by local event organisers.

• Andy has been to the AGM of Hackney Dev Corporation to see if links
can be made, SRA will continue to focus on events in its catchment

• Nick noted that the planning application in Londesborough Road that
the SRA opposed was rejected.

• Maggie said that the 2011 Tree Musketeers calendar will be available
at our Dec 8th event.

Date of next meetings:
• Dec 8th (Weds) – General meeting/ Social at Coffee Corner
• Dec 12th (Sun) – planting day, Butterfield Green
• Jan 10th (Weds) – Committee Meeting at SWAPA

Diane Dyer (chaired mtg)
Rachel Murrell (Sec.)
Annie Wilson
Phil Jakeman
Maggie Chattaway
Bron Jones
Christophe Lutard
Andy Clough

Pat O’Leary
Harry Haddaway
Ulla Winkler
Cllr. Karen Alcock
Fr David Lambert

Minutes and Matters Arising
• October 2010 Minutes – approved

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