Monday, 13 December 2010

Butterfield Green News December 2010

Butterfield Green Updates December 2010

1. New planting area near the Allen Road Main Gates

The nursery which supplied plants for the area previously has returned our order with the wrong varieties and are slow to respond to communication. We agreed to look at another nursery. Beth Chatto does not charge delivery.

Planting will be done in the spring as the ground is too frozen now.

2. Green Flag

Eleanor Johnson (Parks Development Officer) had made some updates to the Green Flag management plan. We agreed some priorities, to be developed in more detail. Inspectors need concrete examples of achievements against the action plan, which Elle will incorporate.

Main issues are:
Linking sections of the park through information boards
Planting near entrances being open and welcoming
A clearer purpose for the Milton Grove area - currently often used to exercise
Better maintained paths

There is a lot of work to be done on the plan and on the park. Even basic things like re-surfacing paths have not been done. There is no information about funding for work needed to back up the Green Flag application.
We will continue to communicate about the development plan.

3. MUGA and table tennis area

There is no news on resurfacing the MUGA (the multi-use games area in Shakespeare Walk) - the FA are still deliberating.

The table tennis area has not been resurfaced and all capital expenditure on parks has been frozen in Hackney.

4. Eleanor Johnson's role

Elle has been seconded to work in Clissold Park on the house and the bowling-green pavilion - which is to become an education centre. No-one was appointed to this post when it was advertised. The only park she is to continue working with is BG. We are very grateful for that, but concerned that her time will be very pressed. There is no additional park development time allocated.

5. Grants

We have received part of a grant we applied for from Growing Concerns. We have £300 to be used for additional fruit bushes and supports for the orchard.

An organiser from the Milton Gardens estate has also received a grant from Growing Concerns to work on growing food on the estate.

Elle told us about Community Space Grants - up to £50,000 for improving the environment. Maggie to investigate.. Deadline early January.

6. Orchard

All trees have been mulched - which should keep moisture in the ground and prevent weeds from being quite so vigorous. The orchard path has been covered with several layers of wood chip.

Many thanks to all helpers throughout 2010

Next community gardening session Sunday January 10th 2-4pm

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