Monday, 17 January 2011

Minutes of Executive Committee Wednesday 8 December 2010 at Coffee Corner

Minutes and Matters Arising· November 2010 Minutes – approved

Butterfield Green update

  • Planting has been postponed to the New Year because of bad weather.
  • Our Green Flag application is going ahead, but funding is currently unclear.
  • The Milton Grove end of the Green will be the subject of consultation.
  • We are looking at ways to improve the woodland area.
  • BCTV (British Trust for Conservation) volunteers will be working in the Green.
  • Growing Concerns gave us a £350 grant from to support fruit bushes.


  • Annie learnt from the Dog Warden that his hours are being cut. He’s also been picking up a lot of Staffies lately.
  • We will write to John Wade, in charge of LBH green spaces, underlining the importance of the dog warden (Rachel)
  • David Dade reported that at a recent Community Action Panel (CAP) meeting police warned that people who are not looking after their dogs responsibly risk having them removed.
  • Cllr. Sophie Linden – an SRA member – will attend our January meeting to discuss Council policy on dogs.

SRA Website

  • The Trusty Tradespeople web page is nearly ready.
  • Heidi suggested that SRA and BUG use Facebook to communicate with members. She has kindly agreed to attend our February meeting to explain further, and help set up a test page to publicise BUG planting/ Orchard days.

Date of next meetings:
Jan 12th (Weds) – Committee Meeting at SWAPA, 8pm
Feb 9th (Weds) – Committee Meeting at SWAPA, 8pm
March 9th (Weds) – General meeting – venue TBC, 8pm

Diane Dyer
Rachel Murrell (Sec.)
Annie Wilson
Phil Jakeman
Maggie Chattaway
Bron Jones
Christophe Lutard
Pat O’Leary
Ken Rorrison
David Dade
Jenn Feray
Rev. John Taylor
Noelle Morris
Sue Gibbs
Adam Hart
Frances Hollis
Heidi Grivas
Edward Naisch
Nicola Cash
Jules Towns
Paul Nancolla

Cllr. Karen Alcock
Flora Graham
Ulla Winkler
Andy Clough
Julie Brown
Barbara Reid


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