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Minutes of Executive Committee Wednesday 12 January 2010 at SWAPA

Minutes and Matters Arising

  • December 2010 Minutes – corrected and approved

Butterfield Green update

  • We will purchase five raised beds for the orchards courtesy of the Probation Service carpentry workshop for fruit bushes. Cost £5 per bench! (Annie)
  • A neighbour has suggested installing Perspex shelters over selected park benches, but the Exec felt that such structures would be out of keeping with the area. However, we will refer the questioner to Eleanor Johnson, Parks Development Officer, for further discussion (Rachel).
  • Annie will order plants.
  • Bron will do anti-pooh signs.
  • Elle Johnson has suggested a meeting about the Milton Grove end of the Green.

A 2011 Event

Various ideas were discussed, and including
  • A second Film night
Flora is happy to co-ordinate, and will contact Andy and Ulla to gather info and contacts from our last Film Night.
  • Dog event
A comedy dog show?
Barbara Read will co-ordinate ideas. Local dog trainer Louise Glazebrook of Nevill Road may be able to suggest ideas.
Jacky Donaghy of the Dog’s Trust can help.
Mark suggested inviting local celebrity dog owner Maggie Steed to appear.
  • Arts Event
A sculpture trail on Butterfield Green? An artist working with children?
We might try contacting artist Andrea Sinclair (Annie’s contact).
Pat asked if we need to appoint an experienced fundraiser.
Christophe volunteered to do the fundraising for the kids’ event, possibly in July.


Cllr. Sophie Linden joined the meeting to discuss Council policy on dogs. She said that LBH regards crime and anti-social behaviour as very big issues.
Their dog concerns include: dog-fighting, status dogs used to threaten people, damage to trees, and dog pooh. They also have a statutory responsibility to pick up strays.
LBH works with the Dogs Trust, RSPCA, the Learning Trust and parts of LBH such as Hackney Homes, the Parks, etc.
In the face of £23m of cuts, LBH wants to protect frontline services – including Park Rangers.
LBH’s forthcoming Consultation on dogs will consider
  • whether all dogs on the street should be on leads at all times,
  • whether Park Rangers should have new powers to limit the number of dogs under control at any one time (because, for example, someone walking six dogs can’t fulfil their poop-scooping obligations)
  • compulsory neutering and micro-chipping of dogs
We pointed out that some Wardens already get a hostile response from dog owners.
We queried rumoured cuts in Dog Warden’s hours. Sophie said – and confirmed later by e-mail – that no such cuts have been approved.
We also queried the removal of dog poop bins, and again, Sophie said – and confirmed by e-mail – that the parks department say they have not removed any bins from Butterfield Green.
Hackney Homes are starting to review tenancy agreements. Tenants can keep dogs in the property, but can’t conduct business from it (i.e. breeding for commercial gain).
The SNT (police Safer Neighbourhood Teams) claim they patrol for dog owners whose dogs are out of control. However, they are ‘intelligence-led’, i.e. they need tip-offs, so neighbours have a role to play in this.
If we run a dog event this summer, we should keep Sophie in the loop in case she can help.

SRA Website

The Trusty Tradespeople web page is ready. Please send more recommendations to Rachel to keep it growing and useful.

Spring Newsletter

Deadline for copy is Weds Feb 9th – our next Exec meeting.
  • Summer dog event – Rachel? 
  • Art in the Park – Annie/ Bron 
  • Film Night: The Sequel – Flora?
  • Ebico - not-for-profit energy supplier – Barbara
  • Pooh flags – Bron (Pat to supply photo)
  • Orchard plans – Annie
  • Trusty tradespeople web page – Rachel
  • Events diary – to be confirmed at the next meeting


A local beekeeper is seeking space to keep a beehive – contact Bron if you can help.


Diane Dyer
Rachel Murrell (Sec.)
Annie Wilson
Pat OLeary
Phil Jakeman
Bron Jones
Flora Graham
Christophe Lutard
Barbara Read
Mark Perrett


Maggie Chattaway Nick Holder Nell Cameron

Date of next meetings:

  • Feb 9th (Weds) – Committee Meeting at SWAPA, 8pm
  • March 9th (Weds) – General meeting – venue TBC, 8pm

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