Sunday, 6 March 2011

Minutes of Executive Committee Wednesday 9 Feburary 2011 at SWAPA

Minutes and Matters Arising

Jan 2011 Minutes – corrected and approved. Post online (Rachel)

Spring Newsletter

Deadline for copy is today, Feb 9th. Pat will edit and lay out.

Butterfield Green update

  • The five raised beds for the orchards need fixing on Sunday March 13. Volunteers very much needed.

  • LBH proposes that groups organising events should have to pay at £50 facility fee, which we feel is unjust. Rachel will object on behalf of SRA.

  • Alex suggests composting in the park which will include meat products, but this is not feasible in a public park because of vermin.

Film Nights

Film Night 2 will be on Sat April 2, screening Up, and Flora is co-ordinating it.

Film Night 3 will be on Sat Sept 24. Possibly The Triplets of Belleville, ideally with a child-friendly short to attract families.

Ellen and Raymond from Transition Town outlined their organisation, which aims to help local communities adapt to peak oil, encouraging self-reliance and finding more sustainable ways of sourcing food. Transition Town is keen to work with local groups like ours on relevant initiatives such as Hackney Harvest, Hackney Bike Workshop.

Transition Town could help us organise a bike-powered outdoor cinema initiative via Magnificent Revolution. We love the idea – especially if local people can have a go – but feel that, at £500, it is beyond our budget. Particularly since poor weather would greatly reduce safety – and donations. And we have to screen films during GMT so that it’s dark enough, but that’s when the weather is worst. 

Raymond and Flora will explore sponsorship options (e.g. from Hackney cycle shops and groups e.g. Push on Newington Green, Two Wheels Good on Church St), and if we can find backing, we will book the bikes for Film Night 3 in September.

We could involve the Police bike-fixing scheme somehow.

Andy will approach the Shoreditch Trust for sponsorship.

Annie will liaise with Raymond and Hackney Harvest about our Apple Day.

Dog event

Barbara will co-ordinate ideas including a Dog’s Trust stall, chipping, give-aways etc. We agreed that further discussion is required to establish what we do and how. Outreach to local schools was suggested, but is considered beyond our remit. While an educational element is welcomed, an element of fun is essential. Volunteers on the day: Andy, Bron

Art In The Park

The key event will be Sat July 16th with an open evening and musicians. It will be preceded by three workshops at SWAPA to teach kids to make lanterns, use recycled materials, and work with sound. 25th June, 2nd July, 9th July.

Total budget c£3,000 to cover materials, artists, security and musicians.

Co-ordinators: Annie, Bron and Pat are.

Funding applications: Christoph and Maggie, Annie.

Volunteers: Nicky Shaill

Tree Walk

We could organise a spring walk when the newly-planted street trees come into bloom to identify the species, and encourage neighbours to enjoy and care for the trees. We need Rupert Bentley-Walls to tell us what species were planted in a few nearby streets. Rachel will contact him.

Facebook page

Flora has set one up for the SRA. If you use Facebook, please visit and ‘like’ it!

June General Meeting

Nick proposes we ask if we can meet in the Synagogue. He will make enquiries.

Planning/ Building Control update

52a Albion Road. We recently objected to a planning application on the grounds that it contravened Hackney’s stated policies on the environment, and that it would impact negatively on the allotments on Church Walk. The application was rejected.

Horizon School. There is some concern that development will give rise to a loss of green space, and that the proposed white metal façade is out of keeping with Butterfield Green and will be an eye-sore. Andy will draft an objection on behalf of the SRA and circulate it for our comments.

Londesborough Road. A wall in a poor state of repair is looking dangerous. Barbara has contacted LBH and will e-mail Building Control and cc- us.


Some complaints have been made that a fishmonger’s van on Nevill Road gives off a bad smell in summer. But Environmental Health have inspected it and given it a clean bill of health. The condensor on top drips somewhat, but it is not unsafe.

Clissold Park Deer – two animals have died as a result of dog attacks. We will discuss further at our March meeting.

Rainbow Nursery would like signatures for a campaign to alter one parking bay on Nevill Road to facilitate parking for nursery users. (Alex)


Diane Dyer, Bron Jones, Barbara Read, Rachel Murrell (Sec.), Flora Graham, Ellen (Transition Town), Annie Wilson, Nick Holder, Raymond (Transition Town), Pat O'Leary, Andy Clough, Alex Knox (Rainbow Nursery), Christophe Lutard


Maggie Chattaway, Phil Jakeman, Mark Perret

Date of next meetings:

  • March 9th (Weds) – General meeting at Coffee Corner, 8pm (NB 7.30pm for Butterfield Green general meeting)

  • April 13th (Weds) – Committee Meeting at SWAPA, 8pm

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