Monday, 18 April 2011

Minutes of Executive Committee Wednesday 13th April 2011 at SWAPA

Minutes and Matters Arising
March 2011 Minutes – approved. Post online (Rachel)

Film night 2 – Review
A resounding success with 300 people, and lots of great feedback from residents.
Profits were in the order of £500 – details TBA.
What we learnt:
It helps to shake the donations buckets before the event as well as after.
We need a screensaver on a DVD promoting the SRA. Leaflets too?
The choice of film (Up) was good; the Buster Keaton short not quite.
Food sales were down a bit on last time, but we weren’t as proactive, and people brought picnics.
The stewards dealt well with everyone, including some latecomers.
Ideas for future film nights: shadow puppets?
Film nights are popular, and we hope to renew the film licence when it’s due.
Warmest thanks to everyone who helped make it such a great night.

Community Event – Sat July 16th
We have applied to the Big Lottery Fund for funding.
Family workshops will be held at SWAPA on 25th June, 2nd July and 9th July covering sound, lanterns, working with recycled materials.
Adults will be invited to submit work (with or without attending workshops)
Workshops will be run by professionals, incl. Andrea.
On the night, there will be installations and music in the park, food stalls?
We agreed to buy a gazebo (Bron, Nick)
We need a theme/ name. Perhaps relevant to change, transformation…
There will be an organisers’ meeting (Annie, Bron, Pat and Nikki)

Tree Walk – May 15th
Rupert Bentley-Walls of LBH has supplied a list of street tree species
We will source small, rain-proof labels (Pat)
Publicise on Facebook, and e-mail rezzies (Rachel)
Meet at 3pm in the Orchard.

Dog event – date TBA – September?
Barbara has circulated a proposal from Louise for an event branded ‘Darling Dogs Company’ and involving dog behaviour classes, stalls, information, microchipping etc. Cats and rabbits may also be represented.
Louise is invited to come to the SRA Exec meeting in May to discuss ways in which the SRA may be able to offer advice or support. 

Butterfield Green update
Nick and Leon cleared the stream
We are chasing LBH to get the water back on in the stream (Maggie)
BUG volunteers watered the Orchard and planted an almond tree
BTCV volunteers de-sycamored the Milton Grove end and cut ivy
New hoses have been bought and are stored in the hut (Maggie has key)

Summer newsletter
Copy deadline is May 11th.
Contents:         Film night review (Andy)
                        Butterfield Green Community Event (Annie)
                        Tree Walk (Rachel)
                        June AGM (Rachel/ Pat)
                        Clarification that we are not funded by LBH (Nick)

AGM – June 8th at SWAPA
Possible speaker: Julie B from Growing Communities
(Future speaker ideas: Hackney Harvest, Father Niall Weir of St Paul’s)

Financial report
We have approx £1632 in the SRA account (prior to Film Night 2)
We will ask for donations at the June meeting (in lieu of a £5 annual subscription)
It was agreed that Keith Magnum is no longer a signatory for the SRA account, so his name will be removed and those of Andy and Pat will be added (Nick, Andy, Pat)

Christophe has had a Keep Britain Tidy grant to do some sustainable community gardening at SWAPA. Suggestions for planting would be welcome.
There are reports of dogs in the Green being encouraged by their owners to attack cats. Anyone who sees such things should report them to the police. 

Maggie Chattaway, Pat O’Leary, Rachel Murrell (Sec.), Annie Wilson, Christophe Lutard, Bron Jones, Barbara Read, Nick

Diane Dyer, Phil Jakeman, Ellen Greaves, Nikki Shaill, Andy Clough

Date of next meetings:
  • May 8th – Gardening day in Butterfield Green, 2-5pm
  • May 11th – Exec Meeting at SWAPA, 8pm
  • June 8th – SRA General meeting at SWAPA – 7.30 (BUG); 8pm (SRA)


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