Thursday, 21 July 2011

Minutes of Executive Committee Wednesday 13th July 2011 at Daniel Defoe Pub


Annie Wilson, Phil Jakeman, Pat O’Leary, Diane Dyer, Christophe Lutard, Matt Temple, Susanne Ballhausen, Geoff Wass, Rachel Murrell, Bron Jones, Andy Clough, Dave Pearson.


Barbara Read, Rajni Shah, Ulla Winkler, Flora Graham, Maggie Chattaway, Nick Holder


Minutes of June meeting approved.

Sainsbury’s proposed development in Wilmer Place

Our meeting started an hour late so members could attend the campaign meeting against Sainsbury’s proposed new store off Church Street. We agreed to put contact details for the campaign into our next newsletter.

Vivid Festival

We discussed practical details for this Saturday’s event.

Newsletter - autumn

Deadline for content to reach Pat – August 10th.
  • Vivid – Annie
  • Insect homes – Phil
  • Street reps – Pat/ Rachel
  • Film Night 3 – who?
  • Our action has helped bring new shops in Allen Road – Annie
  • Sainsbury’s planning application – give URL for campaign

Film night 3 - 24th September (everyone)

We need to agree a film. Please bring suggestions to our August meetings, or e-mail them to the committee for their thoughts. Deadline to decide will be our next meeting so it can go into the newsletter.

Co-housing project

Dave Pearson came to tell us about the potential for a co-housing project in our area. This would involve building 14 or 15 homes for local people with some shared meeting/ kitchen facilities. The build would be low-environmental impact, mature trees on the site would be protected, and there are plans for a public play park (i.e. planning gain for our community). It sounds interesting and he’ll keep us posted.


We ran out of time to address this, but will discuss at our August meeting.
Meanwhile, we have agreed to make all our exec meetings open to any member who wishes to come. Date and times of meetings are already posted on our website to facilitate, but may need to be more prominent.


Bron suggests moving meetings to somewhere more social, e.g. a pub, her studio, etc. This will be discussed next month.
Dates for Diaries
Aug 10th – Exec
Aug 14th – Butterfield Green work day
Sept 14th – GM
Sept 24th – Film Night

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