Saturday, 29 October 2011

Minutes of Executive Committee Wednesday 14th Sept 2011 at The RoOM

Minutes of August meeting were approved.

Horizon School construction works
Stuart Sands, project manager of the new build, and a member of Hackney Council’s Education Property Team, came to introduce himself.
The contractor is Mclarens, and the main contact for local residents is Sean McLaughlin (
They will send a monthly newsletter to residents in Palatine and Pr George’s Road informing people of works that may disrupt access or traffic flow.
Works will end Summer 2013.
Matt from the Horizon Campaign observed that there have been significant traffic problems – particularly when works vehicles and recycling vehicles block each other – and one vehicle hit by a contractor’s truck already.
He asked Stuart to liaise with him directly, and would like ongoing consultation to avoid clashes.
Stuart asked for the Campaign mailing list so he can liaise directly.
Matt requested that Stuart attend a regular monthly public meeting organised by the Horizon residents, which Stuart declined. But says he’s happy to attend certain residents’ meetings if needed, and/ or a quarterly meeting. He says he’s happy to receive feedback, comments and questions as they arise at

Ken asked if Stuart’s monthly newsletter can list the conditions about to be discharged so residents’ can respond in good time. Stuart replied that the schedule for planning permissions is with the contractor, so ask Sean.

Stuart agreed to
·      e-mail us plans of Phase 1 and 2,
·      e-mail us a link to the Scheme details,
·      be in touch with Matt re meetings, rubbish truck schedule etc.
·      e-mail us conditions schedule
·      send us Sean McLaughlin’s details

Film night 3 – Saturday 1st October (everyone)
Following a clerical error, we have had to postpone the event for a week to Sat 1st October. There are no significant financial implications, but some new jobs:

·      re-submit the forms to LBH with the new date (Pat)
·      e-mail our membership to let them know (Rachel)
·      put stickers on the existing posters (Rachel, Claire)
·      get ‘sing-a-long’ version of Grease on DVD (Andy)
·      alert volunteers stewards and cake-bakers (Rachel)
·      talk to Richard about sharing beer sales to attendees (Bron)
·      ask to borrow Richard’s drumkit (Andy)
·      volunteer co-ordinator on the night will be Christophe
·      Cooking team will be Ulla, Bron and Marine (tbc)

BUG Update
The orchard
A good gardening day on Sunday 11th September.
We have asked for the grass in the orchard to be cut every 2 months.  Although it is normally left as a habitat for wildlife, we think it looks more 'cared for' if it is mown and the perennial weeds aren’t allowed to take over.
Raised beds for the herb area have been ordered. Annie will ask Lois to make them up.
Ian will put a waterbutt up to protect his wall.
Eleanor says all the veg was taken – onions, cabbages, etc. – and we wonder if we should plant something else in its place.
Bron reports that working on the beds is a great way of getting kids involved – at least for a short while.
Some free compost has also been requested.
BTCV volunteers are working in the park on October 23rd - and will be asked to fill raised beds if they are ready.
We need to buy replacement apple tree and send invoice to Michael Dixon
Eleanor Johnson, parks development officer, is going to chase the request for infill plants for the beds near the main gates
Work day on Oct 9th was cancelled as we’re at full stretch with Film Night and Apple Day.
Hackney Parks Forum.
Please go online to Hackney Biodiversity Action Plan and comment: this will help confirm local interest, thereby attracting funds.

Apple Day October 16th
Meeting for Apple Day on Friday 30th Sept at 9.00 am coffee corner 
Request for: people to make cakes; donate books and plants; run children's games; also plan a way of children decking the trees
Diane will run a books/ cards stall.
Annie will do a plant/ seeds stall – please donate relevant green matter!
Christophe may take a stall.
Laurence – might she do bird feeders again?
Julie Brown is going to look into getting an apple press and apples
Geoff might help with tree dressing, games, etc.
Bron offered to design and print a poster
Rachel will e-mail Daisy’s details to Annie to invite.
Annie will co-ordinate but needs HELP!!
(NB any leftover cakes from film night to be frozen and used for Apple Day)

Sainsbury’s development in Wilmer Place
Andy asked if the SRA will publicly oppose the proposed supermarket in Wilmer Place. Some would like to, but it’s far from clear that this is the view of the membership as a whole. So before we take a position, we aim to survey the membership by e-mail. Susanne, Claire and Rachel will work on this and report back.

Financial report
Annie wonders if we have money for plants. Nick?
Anyone who hasn’t paid their annual £5 donation is invited to do so – c/o Nick. 


Ken Rorrison,

Nick Holder, Christophe Lutard, Diane Dyer,

Pat O’Leary,

Rachel Murrell,

Phil Jakeman,

Annie Wilson, Susanne B.,

Claire Middleton, Bron Jones,

Andy Clough,

Ulla Winkler,

Stuart Sands (Hackney Learning Trust),

Matt (Horizon Group)



Maggie Chattaway                        Barbara Read                        Matt Temple
Dates for Diaries
·      Oct 1st. – Film Night 3
·      Oct 1st – Zombie Day (march against proposed supermarket)
·      Oct 12th – SRA Exec meeting
·      Oct 16th – Apple Day
·      Nov 16th – SRA Exec
·      Dec 14th – SRA Winter social

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