Saturday, 26 November 2011

Butterfield Green: Pruning in the orchard and managing the woodland

On Sunday 13th November, 30 people learned or refreshed their pruning skills under the expert guidance of Russell Miller.
Very aware that the trees are in an urban, challenging environment, Russell pruned them for maximum safety as well as health.  Some branches left on the trees are to act as protectors for the more important branches - so some trees do look a bit mad!  

All our 'pome' trees (trees which have fruits with pips) are now pruned.  We still need to prune the fruit bushes and some hedging in the Milton Grove area of the park.  We'll do this in the December 11th gardening session. 

There are more cutting back opportunities in the new year:  Russell is leading a project in the woodland area of BG - to get the overgrown and under-managed woodland back into shape for the next few years.

Dates for you diary:
Sunday 11th December  2-4 pm            Community gardening BG orchard

Wednesday 14th December  8-10 pm    Butterfield Green Users’ group (BUG) and Shakespeare Residents’ Association (SRA) Dec meeting Coffee Corner on Belgrade and Wordsworth Roads.  Mince pies, mulled wine and music – all welcome

Sunday 8th January 2-4 pm      Community gardening BG Orchard
Friday 13th January  8.45 am    BG Woodland Project walk round BG woodland to identify work required on trees

Saturday 4th February 11 am    BG Woodland Project work in the woodland – come and learn how to cut back trees (sorry no children)
Sunday 12th February 11 am    BG Woodland Project work in the woodland come and learn how to cut back trees (sorry no children).  To continue in pm as community gardening session.

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