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Minutes of Executive Committee Wednesday 12th Oct 2011 at The RoOM

Minutes of September meeting were approved.
Film night 3 review
Film Night was a huge success. Grease was a good choice of film and, coupled with the fantastic weather, attracted large numbers of viewers including lots of young adults. People enjoy a sing-a-long, and some came in vintage costume and others danced. We took about £878 in donations which will comfortably cover costs. Volunteers were excellent and the refreshments tent was kept very busy, but we could have used more stewards.
Special thanks to Andy for some great MC-ing and to Nick and Guy – a.k.a. The Albion Brothers – for fab music.
Things to bear in mind for next time:
(a)  security staff should wear high vis jackets and identity badges so that people attending understand their role.
(b)  we need to be able to produce popcorn faster, perhaps by pre-cooking, or we could buy/ hire an electric popper or two.
(c)  Pat has supplied pro forma forms and checklists for next time.
(d)  Bron will make a checklist for refreshments production for next time.
(e)  We need more stewards next time: 12 minimum?
(f)    The Howitt Close gates are difficult to close after an evening event, and are in an area that is poorly lit. In future, we should consider using the main gates only.
(g)  Hackney Today ran unsolicited ads for the event without asking us. We don’t need ads, and would prefer not to have them in order to keep numbers manageable. In future, we might phone Hackney Today ahead of time and ask them not to.
Harry said large groups of young skateboarders have been using the paved area at the junction of Palatine Road and Wentworth Road, disturbing local residents with a great deal of noise, and particularly banging of skateboards. He said that the problems have increased over the summer months, and when local residents have asked skateboarders not to bang their boards, some have responded by throwing stones and verbal abuse, some of which is directed at one of the residents who is pregnant. Some neighbours have called the police, and Hackney Council has been called in. The police have asked the skateboarders to stay away from the area – at least until the baby is born in early November.
Mary Cate and Claire, parents of some of the skateboarders, spoke on behalf of the kids. They expressed sympathy for the neighbours troubled by noise. They also point out that outdoor play is important for kids and that the skateboarders like this area not just because the surface is suitable, but also because they feel relatively safe from intimidation from other teens there. The parents argued that the problem has been aggravated by one local resident who has been aggressive and verbally abusive to the kids. They expressed a willingness to find a compromise solution, suggesting a 7pm curfew as a start.
Others agreed that the skateboarders can be very noisy.
Harry added that it is not just the volume of the noise, but the numbers of skateboarders involved, and the duration of the nuisance, sometimes it goes on for three hours at a time.
As a group, the SRA confirmed that we want to see safe, fun outdoor play areas for kids in the area. We agreed to explore ideas about a more suitable place for kids to skate locally.
Mary Cate agreed to seek a mediation service. Harry offered to raise money for a skating area, and Mary Cate said that if he can produce the money, she offered to run a participation project to engage with and enlist the support of all parts of the local community, including children.
* Sadly, Harry has since resigned, and has withdrawn his offer.
BUG Update
Some veg have been stolen from the Green. We agreed to give £50 from SRA funds to BUG to replace them with perennials (Annie)
23rd October – BCTV volunteers will move compost and do other work.
Nov – Russell will run a pruning workshop.
Russell has raised money to manage woodlands in the area, incl. Butterfield Green, and will run further workshops.
Apple Day October 16th
Annie asked for volunteers to run stalls for books, DVDs, cakes, plants and kids’ games.
Geoff Wass and Helen Manning will be doing music
Laurence – tree decorating
Diane – cards
Claire M – tea and cake stall
Julie – apple press, needs a hose pipe
Rachel – apple bobbing, apple race, longest apple peel contest
Rachel will hold the key for the electricity cupboard (and return to Maggie)
Sainsbury’s development in Wilmer Place
Claire, Susanne and Rachel ran an e-survey of our membership asking their views on the proposed Sainsbury’s. Claire reported that she has had 34 responses, all but one of which were opposed. Most cited damage to local businesses as a concern, and the more-than-adequate provision of supermarkets in the area already.
Claire will send a chasing e-mail for final responses when the application is submitted.
The following have kindly agreed – or been volunteered! – to contribute:
·      Andy – Film Night (with Ulla’s photos?)
·      Claire – Survey
·      Maggie – Russell’s tree stuff
·      Rachel – list of street reps
·      Annie – Apple Day review
·      Clare Willis – John Cowper
·      Pat – December meeting
Copy to reach Pat – by hand or at pol@patoleary.co.uk – by Weds Nov 9th (our next meeting)
Our December meeting may involve music and food as before. We will ask Voya if we can hold it at Coffee Corner.
Dates for Diaries
·      Oct 16th – Apple Day
·      Nov 13th – BUG work day, 2-4pm
·      Nov 16th – SRA Exec
·      Dec 14th – SRA General meeting/ Winter social NB at Coffee Corner


Christophe Lutard,

Pat O’Leary

Rachel Murrell,

Annie Wilson, Susanne B.,

Claire Middleton,

Harry H,


Claire W



Bron Jones
Diane Dyer
Maggie Chattaway
Phil Jakeman
Andy Clough
Barbara Read

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