Sunday, 22 January 2012

Our Wonderful Woodland: Woodland Management in Butterfield Green

Butterfield Green Users Group (BUG) has a grant to improve the woodland in Butterfield Green. It was planted in the mid-80’s and was well-planned, incorporating different heights and varieties of woodland plants which make for a healthy woodland and a good home for wild life.

Since then, despite valiant efforts from parks gardeners and volunteers, it has suffered from a lack of management. Trees have grown tall and straggly as they have crowded each other and unplanned trees have crept in: 100’s of sycamore seedlings grow each year and are pulled out (mostly). Shrubs have become the same height and there are dead trees and branches which would benefit the woodland by being reduced or removed.

Russell Miller, the local tree expert, and founder of the Tree Musketeers, is making a management plan for the woods and will lead sessions of pruning, lopping (and some felling) to get the woodland back into shape for future years. Come and join in!

Saturday 4th February 11. 00 am – pruning, lopping, felling
Sunday 12th February 11.00 am – pruning, lopping, felling, bulb planting

To book: email
Meet by the woodland
Tools, gloves, hard hats provided; please wear appropriate footwear
Refreshments provided
Sorry, children can’t be included in the woodland sessions

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