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Minutes of Executive Committee Wednesday 9th Nov 2011

Minutes of October meeting were approved.

Tree Pruning Workshops (Russell)
Russell will run two workshops on Urban fruit tree pruning in the Orchard this Sunday, 13th at 11am and 2pm.
Funding comes from a successful bid to the Forestry Commission by Maggie and Russell.
Further workshops will take place in February.
Russell proposing a walkabout to discuss what’s needed for trees here. 8.45am Friday 13th January 2012. Meet on the Hump.
He also aims to work out Management Plans for the Orchard and for the Woodland for end Dec 2011 and end Feb 2012 respectively.
We will need to advertise these events and work around the BUG work day.
Mary Cate wonders if we can do woodland work with local schools.

Butterfield Green Update (Maggie)
Laurence and eight young offenders did a great workday in BG, shifting compost, weeding veg, etc. 
Maggie’s sent our appreciation to Laurence and the BCTV.

Gardening Day (Annie)
Attendance has recently been fairly poor and Annie wonders if it is still worth doing. -->
Others argued that it is one of BUG/ SRA’s key ‘shop windows’ which successfully attracts local interest, participation and new members.
Advance advertising of work-days attracts lots of people.
We agreed to keep doing monthly gardening days.

Skateboarding issues
Further to last month’s discussion about noisy skateboarding at the Green end of Palatine Road, Mary Cate has been in touch with Counsellors to ensure the skaters views are represented, and look for a compromise solution.
Cllr Louisa Thompson has responded, encouraging neighbours here to go for mediation, which she has offered to fund out of her budget. MC is happy to see that the Council wants to see a mediated solution.
MC explained that skateboarding needs a good surface. The old tarmac in the Green is unsuitable, and the Clissold skating bowl is a different type of use, and is too advanced for younger ones. And currently closed.
Some nearby roads have agreed a 7pm curfew with the skaters, though we’re unsure how this works during summer hols.
MC will keep pressing Cllr Thomspon to get the money for some properly surfaced space – which tends not to be multi-use.
Check out Urban Street Play group, Home Zones, and others.
Maggie reminded us that Sam Parry, Parks Dev Officer, had promised consultation at the Milton Grove area of the Green.
Gillett Square is also a possible space. Adam Hartfarmer might advise.
Mary Cate may wish to consult Christophe and Maggie for further thoughts.

Letterbox Library
Bron reported that the retail premises recently vacated by Letterbox Library are Council owned but require renovation.
As per our stated policy, the SRA would like to see them renovated and brought back into commercial use soon.
Bron has been in touch with Steve Hartrick, Council surveyor.

Financial report (Nick)
£2091 in the account at the end of Sept.
We banked £888 after Film Night and £311 Apple Day. (We still await Andy’s invoice.)
We need ideas about a Christmas donation for a local charity.
Latest set of accounts – to y/e 31st March 11.

Apple Day feedback (Annie)
A great success. We had 200+ people come, and have an enjoyable two hours.
We had comments from some 7 year olds that the Apple Race was missed.

Sainsbury's update
No submission as yet, but keep an eye on StokeyLocal at
Our 14th December meeting
At Coffee Corner. Voya has agreed.
Start at 8pm.
Musicians – Bron has asked some
Mulled wine – Bron, Maggie
Mince pies – Pat
Tree Musketeers calendars – Maggie will ask Russell
Bron will bring our tea-towels to sell.

Add notes on woodland, and Russell’s workshop dates (Maggie)

SRA agreed to lend gardening tools to Annie for volunteers on 20th November
MC thanks us for the meeting.

Dates for Diaries

·      Nov 13th – BUG work day, 2-4pm (weather permitting)
·      Dec 11th (Sun) – Community Gardening Day, 2-4pm (weather perm.)
·      Dec 14th (Weds.) SRA Christmas bash at Coffee Corner, 8-10pm
·      Jan 8th (Sun) – Community Gardening Day, 2-4pm (weather perm.)
·      Jan 11th (Weds) – SRA meeting, 8pm, The RoOM, 62 Allen Road
·      Jan 13th (Fri) – Woodland walkabout with Russell – 8.45am (Friday)
·      Feb 4th (Sat) – Woodland Workshop with Russell (11am?)
·      Feb 8th (Weds) – SRA meeting, 8pm, The RoOM, 62 Allen Road
·      Feb 12th (Sun) – Woodland Workshop with Russell (11am)
·      Feb 12th (Sun) – Community Gardening Day, 2-4pm (weather perm.)



Annie Wilson

Maggie Chattaway

Pat O’Leary

Ken Rorrison

Diane Dyer

Bron Jones

Mary Cate

Christophe Lutard

Russell Miller



Phil Jakeman
Barbara Read
Claire Middleton
Susanne B
Marine T

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