Monday, 13 February 2012

Minutes of Executive Committee Wednesday 11th Jan 2012 at The RoOM

November Minutes – approved. Rachel will post on our blog.
December meeting – great fun. No business, so no Minutes to approve.

Our woodland project continue. Friday 13th we’ll do a walk-around with Russell and Rupert B-H (Hackney’s new uber-tree officer); There are two workshops in Feb, on the 4th and 12th. Maggie will order equipment for woodland work – including hi-vis jacket – using funds from the grant.

The Earn Your Bus Pass Back volunteers will be digging out nettles, seeding grass and wildflowers, woodchipping paths, and cutting ivy on Sat Feb 18th. Our thanks.

Orchard - all bushes/shrubs were pruned on Jan 8th. A draft orchard management plan has been received, but needs a little more work and specific action points.

Park – the promised replacement plants for prairie area haven’t arrived, so we need to remind Michael Dixon (Bron)

Elle, our former liaison officer, has moved to Clissold Park. Our contact is now Sam Parry, Elle’s former boss. Rupert Bentley Wall is now in charge of all tress in the Borough, including those in parks.
Re the stream, the handle on the pump has been removed for the winter by Parks as agreed. Scheduled to be replaced in April/ Easter. 

Copy deadline – Feb 8th (next meeting)
New name – call for ideas (Bron)
Forthcoming events – Film night (Rachel)
Local street names – origins (Nick)
Letterbox Library (??) (Bron)
BUG update (Maggie)
Skateboarding consultation? (Mary Cate)

We’d like to do another film night: Bugsy Malone on Saturday April 14th.
Sunset is 7.54pm.
We’ll invite people to dress up.
Book projection kit – Andy
Fill in and submit forms to LBH – Claire, with Pat’s help
Volunteers’ rota – Rachel
Poster – Pat?
Music – Bron to ask the band
Buy a popcorn maker and a waffle maker – Bron
Ideas for our Autumn film night – Ghostbusters?

A second proposal is underway. No dates.
We may have to re-canvass our members in the light of new plans.


Letterbox Library
Bron has been in touch with Stephen Hartrick at Hackney to check that they’re actively pursuing repairs and getting the place re-let for retail use. They are getting quotes for damp proofing. We will monitor developments, as we did with the properties opposite.

A new manager and deputy manager are being appointed. We hope to be in touch on projects of joint interest.
Daisy has enquired whether our woodland workshops are open to kids from SWAPA, but they aren’t because there are power tools involved.
Christophe is exploring possibilities for children and woodland workshops at Butterfield Green under a new National Forestry Campaign.

Name change
Bron suggests our name sounds off-putting and like a care home. Suggests we could change it. She suggests ‘neighbourhood’ sounds more approachable than ‘residents’. Everybody agrees that ‘Association’ sounds overly formal, and we are aware that some people assume from ‘Shakespeare’ that it’s only for residents of that one street. Some new names were suggested, such as

·      Neighbours For Change.
·      Butterfield something?
·      Shakespeare Neighbours
·      Utterly Butterfield

We’ll put something in the newsletter to see what members think.

Tree donations
We’ve been offered a small evergreen for Butterfield Green. Maggie will respond. (Maggie)

We’ll ask Mary Cate to update us at the Feb meeting.

We agreed that Nick can reclaim £140 in expenses for Christmas meeting.

Website and Facebook
To attract more attendees, we need to post the dates of upcoming meetings on our website, and on Facebook. Flora may be able to do this, but if she’s very busy, Susanne has kindly agreed to help. We could also set alerts on our Facebook page to tell interested parties about meetings. (Susanne, Flora)

              Jan 13th – Bug walkabout – 9am
              Feb 4th – Woodland felling and clearing Workshop 1
              Feb 8th – SRA meeting – 8pm at The RoOM
              Feb 12th – Woodland felling and clearing Workshop/ and BUG Gardening Day – 2pm
              Mar 8th – SRA meeting – 8pm
              Mar 11th – BUG Gardening Day
              April 14th – Film Night 4 

Bron, Pat, Rachel, Maggie, Diane, Ken, Susanne, Claire, Christophe, Vivienne, Nick, Denise, Andy
Annie, Daisy, Phil, Ulla

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