Monday, 19 March 2012

Minutes of Committee meeting Feb 8th 2012

Minutes of January meeting

Butterfield Green Update (Maggie)
The first Woodland Workshop, held on Saturday 5th Feb, was a great success. Tree were felled, wildlife identified, paths edged and pegged. Photos will be posted.
The second Woodland Workshop is on Sunday 12th from 11-2pm.
We have £200 to spend on tools and seedlings to sustain further woodland development, and we have£130 for arboreocultural services to pay to Russell.
Our huge thanks to Maggie for the huge amounts of work in setting up and managing the project.
We’ll be planting a seeded area, which will be fenced off and given Please Keep Off notices.

Film Night IV
The film will be Bugsy Malone. Sat April 14th.
Live music: ragtime? – Bron and Rachel to locate Paul, and Pat will ask him.
Volunteers management: Annie with Rachel’s help; jackets, buckets
Popcorn makers: Bron is searching for kit, and some will be made in advance
Stewards: Mary Cate, Sarah B, Annie,
Projection: Andy.
Poster: Pat, dressing up,
Security: Andy. They must wear hi-vis jackets saying Security.
Forms: Claire (Maggie has police forms if required); persuade LBH that we don’t have to pay for use of park.
MC: Andy
Buy DVD with singalong subtitles (Rachel).
DVD screen saver – Pat will give it to Andy
Away: Diane, Susanne, Rachel, Jenn

Skateboarding (Mary Cate)
There has been some conflict over skateboard noise in the area, and MaryCate asked Cllr Louisa Thomson for mediation and help in negotiating some acceptable skate boarding use.
Cllr LT offered to pay for mediation, but we understand that the residents rejected the offer.
LT has agreed to discuss the issue with Parks, but realistically, this isn’t going to solve the problem before skating resumes in the Spring.
Would skaters accept a rota/ schedule for use at different sites?
The skaters need to be involved in the solution. Mary Cate is Facebooking with some about it.
Rachel will look at West Hackney Rec at St Paul’s Church across the High Street (ask Fr Niall)
SWAPA isn’t suitable – would require insurance for wheeled play
Clissold Park is not suitable for street skating. Plus it is largely used by older boys and men, and younger kids don’t feel welcome.
Gillett Square – some parents don’t let their kids go because of drink and drugs issues.
Bron argues for some dialogue with the kids as the skating happens, politely requesting them to go when necessary.
Rachel will invite Cllr Louisa Thompson and Wendy Mitchell, to a meeting with MC.
Skateboarding film night at The RoOM – Mary Cate and Bron are organising
Rachel will propose skateboarding space at West Hackney Rec to Niall

Name change (Bron)
We agreed to change our name. Bron will ask for ideas in the next newsletter. Please send ideas to her at bronjones [at]
Once we have a new name, we will make a fabric banner for our events saying who we are.

Sainsbury's update (Claire)
Nothing new to report.

Spring newsletter (Pat)
The following have offered copy:
·      Film night – and ask for volunteers (Rachel)
·      Local personality - Sarah
·      New name – call for ideas (Bron)
·      Local street names – origins (Nick)
·      Letterbox Library (??) (Bron)
·      BUG update (Maggie) + photos of woodland workshop
·      Skateboarding consultation? (Mary Cate)

We agreed to give Bron £10 for heating, tea, biscuits per meeting. (Bron to invoice Nick)

Dates for diaries
·      Feb 12th – Woodland felling and clearing Workshop/ and BUG Gardening Day – 2pm
·      Mar 11th – BUG Gardening Day
·      Mar 14th – SRA meeting – 8pm
·      April 14th – Film Night 4

Claire M, Annie W, Sarah B (Belgrade R), Susanne B, Maggie C, Bron J, Christophe L, Pat O’L, Rachel M, Diane D, Mary Cate, Barbara R.

Phil J, Ken R,


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