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Minutes of SRA Exec meeting Wednesday 14th March 2012

Minutes of Feb meeting

Butterfield Green Update
Maggie reports that we had a good planting day on Sunday 11th March, and we thank the many people who joined in to plant 30 blackthorn hedging plants, 5 yew saplings, 100 spring flower bulbs and 50 woodland edge plants.
A beautiful day brought lots of neighbours out to the park - and it was great to see the opened-up woodland area being used for games and walks. It is a shame that the tree trunks we used to edge the paths had been strewn around by other park users – they will be taken away by park gardeners as they present a safety problem if they are not secure.
Our grant from the London Woodland Trust is now used up, but we have a promise form Hackney Parks that in-fill plants will be in the bed near the main gates in Allen Road next month.
We had some unexpected help from local Brownies on a community action day. This might be something we could plan for in future if we are in touch with local troupes (Mary Cate to e-mail Annie contacts)

We heard from Jenny Watters, temporary Parks Development Officer and lead contact for Butterfield Green, about her plans to do a review of volunteering and education in the Parks. She aims to circulate a draft in April to get feedback before a final copy goes out in June, when her term ends.

Jenny will include an assessment of the MUGA (on Shakspeare Walk, opposite SWAPA entrance) and the Practice Area (on Wordsworth Road, near the Gardeners’ Hut), looking at how they are used, and costing the various options for resurfacing, lighting, locking and maintenance costs. She will also identify any funds in the Council and outside that might be able to help financially.

Christophe briefed Jenny on the long history of his – and our – struggles to secure lighting for the MUGA in particular, and noted that lighting schemes should be sensitive to near neighbours and other wildlife, esp. bats. (Barbara to send Bat Conservation Trust documents to JW at jenny.watters [@]

Milton Gardens RA is keen to get the MUGA repaired, and would like to work with other R.A.s to achieve this. JW will put us in touch. Perhaps lessons can be learnt from the Gunstor Road/ Yorkshire Close MUGA, which is well-used. Does this attract complaints?

Jenny will contact SWAPA, local youth groups and local skateboarders (via MaryCate) to ensure their views are represented.

She stresses that she is anxious not to raise unrealistic expectations as to what can be achieved.

We asked Jenny to check when the stream will be turned on, and to check the LBH remembers its commitment to maintain the stream in the initial funding agreement.

Jenny met BUG last week to discuss park usage fees. We are writing to LBH about this. (Maggie)

Film Night IV
Bugsy Malone on Sat April 14th.
Claire has sent forms to Hackney and fielded various questions re loos, our policy on lost kids, etc. We now have the TEN form.

Some members of Stoke Newington School have agreed to play jazz, co-ordinated by the very able Rob Sell. Bron will liaise with Rob about the kit required. (rob_sell [@]

Pat asked for Jenn’s advice on the sound problems experienced last time. She says
(a) speaker-stands help so the speakers project over the grassy mound rather than into it, and
(b) if the sound is muffled, you can brighten it by adjusting the Equalizer setting to boost the mid to high range frequencies and roll off the bass.

1pm - Andy will be on-site and will welcome help with set-up.
5.30 – Phil (head steward) arrives; band will arrive for a sound-check around then.
7pm – Gates open
7.30pm – Band starts
8pm – Film starts

Bron will contact Geoff to see if he’s free to help, and if he can bring guy-lines.
We need extra long audio cable.
Bring torches and tarps! (Everyone)
Bron will buy another gazebo and a fire blanket.
Nick will source a float and bring the small donations buckets (Nick)
Maggie is storing the hi-vis jackets.

Annie is co-ordinating volunteers, and needs all the vols she can get. Please contact Annie at anniewilson [@] if you can help (Annie)

Skateboarding (Mary Cate)
Skaters have now been moved on from Smalley Road Estate – ‘No skateboarding’ signs have been erected.

Mary Cate, Christophe and Rachel have met with Cllrs Louisa Thomson and Wendy Mitchell to discuss the problem. We are working towards agreeing some times when the Flatground (area at the junction of Palatine Road/ Wordsworth Road) is available to skaters.

Mary Cate is also liaising with skating kids about setting up a skating club that might run events such as the forthcoming film night at The RoOm (‘The Flatground Skaters Present…’ on 24th March), coaching, trips, etc. She will find out about costs of kit. Christophe is willing to help with funding applications.

Jenny Watters wonders if the Practice Area (Wordsworth Road side of B Green) could be a solution to the skateboarding problem on Palatine Road (see below).

Another possibility is the terraced area south of the table tennis table.

Proper consultation with local people – including both skating and non-skating children – is essential.

Name change (Bron)
Bron appealed for ideas in the newsletter, but has received no suggestions.
I guess that means Rachel’s suggestion of ‘Utterly Butterfield’ wins unopposed, then?!!

Sainsbury's update (Claire)
Nothing new to report.

Our AGM will be on June 13th, and we should turn our minds to the Agenda and a potential speaker for the event. Any suggestions?

We could present ideas for a new name to this meeting and vote.
We will need to amend our Constitution, so we should review this – perhaps at the May meeting?


Dates for diaries
·      Sat 24th March - The Flatground Skaters Present…’ – films at The RoOM
·      Sunday April 8th – Gardening Day is CANCELLED
·      Saturday April 14th – Film Night 4
·      Sunday May 13th – next community gardening day

Phil J, Annie W, Bron J, Simone (Palatine), Rachel M, Diane D, Christophe L, Claire M, MaryCate, Nick H, Pat O’L, Andy C, Ulla W, Barbara R.

Maggie C, Susanne B, Ken R,

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Re the logs being moved from the path edges, can I suggest someone puts a sign up explaining? The little kids have been lugging them around for fun but parents may not realise they should be left.