Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Wondrous workshop

'Stuff we want in our community' by MaryCate + Jude
A big Thank You to Laura Billings of Mobile & Mint for an inspirational workshop on Sunday 23rd September. Laura had us buzzing with ideas for new ways to involve more people in our activities - and be open to ideas from other people. Now we know that the SRA doesn't just benefit the social life of the area: it creates lasting social capital.

Some of the ideas we heard about:
  • Pie Lab - giving people free pie on china plates as a way to stimulate connections and conversation. The china plates require return, so people do stick around to eat - and they chat.
  • Men's Sheds - big in Australia as permanent spaces where older men can meet, share projects, expertise and health info. Is now one in Camden.
  • Fallen Fruits - night harvesting, jam-making
  • Trade School - learning skills in exchange for bartered goods or services. To an extent, our gardening sessions, and Bron's sewing class, already operate in this vein.
  • Good Gym - No more long and pointless runs in the park. Arrange your route to drop in on someone who needs a pint of milk, a paper - or just some company
  • Hackney Homes Garden Swap - bringing neglected gardens, and gardeners without a garden, together to share gardening know-how, produce and the pleasures of getting your hands dirty.
  • Invite local activists to SRA meetings each month - just to introduce themselves and build links with like-minded local projects, not with a specific project in mind.
  • Sunday Soup to support emerging artists
  • Butterfield Bunting - Bron's brilliant idea to get local people to make pennants to decorate the Green at our events.
  • Potential contact: Gareth Wall, Head of Overview and Scrutiny at Hackney Council
  • Asset-mapping in the area - create and laminate a large (A1?) map of our local area so people can mark on it the things they love with stickers.
We also discussed ways to help people see us not as a service provider, but a group of collaborators.

Any suggestions, folks?

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