Thursday, 1 November 2012

Minutes of September 2012 Meeting

1. Welcome (Claire)
Claire, Pat, Christophe, Annie, Phil, Rachel, Nick, Chris (Cramer), Adam Hart,

2. Apologies
Geraldine, Bron, Ken, Maggie

3. Minutes of June meeting (Claire)

4. Review of Film Night 5
A great event. Ghostbusters was a good choice. Lots of people came. We
banked a total of £940 from gate and donations. Estimated cost £450-500.
Can we donate £100 to a local charity? A big thank you to the organizers and
volunteers who worked so hard to make this our best-ever film night.

5. BUG/ MUGA (Annie)
Jenny Watters has been unwell, so has had to delay making application to get
MUGA resurfaced. Maggie has written a letter of support from BUG and
Rachel from SRA.

6. Apple Day (Annie)
21st Oct., 2-4pm. All please collect seeds and seedlings to sell. Deliver to
Annie. Next Gardening day is Oct 14th.
There has been an outbreak of camping in the Green. Parks are onto it.
Symptomatic of the times. Adam will e-mail us about a meeting on 20th (?)
about rough sleepers.

7. Workshop (Rachel).
Sunday. Mary Cate, Pat, Bron, Christophe, Rachel, Claire. To discuss
recruitment issues. Turnover. Commitment phobia. Rachel to e-mail entire

8. St Mungo’s (Rachel/ Chris)
Neighbours have reported an upsurge in anti-social behaviour at St Mungo’s
including verbal abuse, street drinking, loud music, begging, substance abuse,
prostitution and behaviour which is threatening, offensive or both. Particular
concern around the behaviour of certain (not all) women and some men –
possibly their pimps – who hang around outside. Men have been seen
supplying the women with drink and drugs, and inspecting parked cars.

While the SRA is supportive of the service St Mungo’s offers to vulnerable
Hackney women, we would like to see the problems addressed.

St Mungos has requested info on who the prime offenders are, but some
members are anxious about reprisals against them, and others that our
reports could result in women’s eviction.


Simon Hughes, area manager, has called a meeting on 19th Sept to discuss
with all affected, including the Council’s support workers, Drug Action Team
(DAT), etc. Rachel will attend.

MaryCate works in homelessness and says such a centre will have a ‘locality
clause’, and they are expected to manage the locality, with police and

We can also ask for more obvious policing.

We could ask to see the Service Spec (what they are expected to deliver)
should be online and public domain.

We could donate some money, e.g. to fund evening trip to cinema.
Invite residents to gardening days – via a support worker, and they might
bring some residents along.

We could offer occasional voluntary workshops. Pat noted that when she did
so previously, she was sent inordinate amounts of paperwork which was very
off-putting. MC says enhanced CRB checks only required for volunteers who
are not supervised.

Suggest to Police they ask local licensees could be asked not to sell to
drinkers. We could ask them not to sell specific high-alcohol content drinks to
them. MC says that will help, but Adam reports that at Gillett Sq, it isn’t
making much difference. The police do a brief splurge, then disappear. Local
licensees should be invited to the CAP meeting.

St Mungo’s should tell licensees not to supply their residents.

Adam: Need to assess whether problems are escalating. It will never be nil.
MC noted that we should differentiate between residents and male visitors.
Mungo’s has no responsibility for the men.
Is a no-visitors policy appropriate? Doesn’t it force ASB onto the street?

Upcoming meetings about St Mungo's:

• 19th September – 6pm at The Prince, called by Simon Hughes (Rachel
will go)
• 10th Oct – our next SRA meeting
• 24th Oct – CAP meeting run by SNT (Rachel and Claire will go)

The rise of rough sleepers in the park may be related. Could be male visitors.
Raise it at the meetings. Ask the police where they think those rough sleepers
are being displaced from. MC will put us in touch with Street Rescue run by
ThamesReach Broadway, which will come and seek out rough sleepers and
offer options. New rough sleepers may take up, older ones might well not.

9. Sainsbury’s (Claire)
Deadline for objections 21st Sept. They have to be on planning grounds.

Refer to London Borough of Hackney, Local Development Framework Core
Strategy 2010, p78. Adam notes that in addition to arguments listed on
Stokey Local website, the proposed development could damage social
cohesion because the BME businesses will be hit. Annie notes that a report
from Russell suggests the development will damage Abney Park Cemetery,
and kill numerous black poplars, and species named on biodiversity

Claire will object on behalf of SRA.
Rachel will circulate members with an earlier objection letter to assist.

10. Stoke Newington Sport for Social Change Network (Rachel)
Maggie has received info, but can’t go. Annie will ask David to attend. Let
Maggie know. (ANNIE)

11. Apple Day (Annie). 21st Oct.
Nick will make toffee apples.
Maggie has e-mailed the BUG list for volunteers.
Julie is bringing the apple press.
Donated apples will be low this year due to poor harvest, so Annie will buy
cheap apples from farmers’ market.
Geoff and Helen will do music. Invite Kate. (ANNIE)

12. Financial Report. 
Nick reports that we currently have about £2,300 in the bank. He URGENTLY
requests all receipts for film night, and others outstanding, to be posted to him
at 21 Nevill Road ASAP so he can prepare the SRA’s annual accounts for our
Oct meeting.

13. AOB
• Dogs legislation. Annie notes that this has changed and dogs are
supposed to be on leads on pavements. She has e-mailed Karen
Alcock on behalf of SRA for clarification. E-mail has been forwarded to
Cllr Sophie Linden. No response to date. Meanwhile members report
threatening behaviour by some irresponsible dog-owners on Butterfield
• Newsletter – Tora sent apologies, and is ready to do the next
• Hackney Night Shelter. Phil helps on Monday nights at St James,
Clapton. They take 15 rough sleepers a night and are extending
service to Nov – Dec. He appealed for volunteers and he will e-mail
people and may speak at Dec meeting.

14. Dates for diaries

• Sept 16th – deadline for Sainsbury’s comments
• Sept 19th – St Mungo’s meeting 6pm in The Prince
• Sept 23rd – SRA workshop at Bron’s, 10am-2pm (Sunday)
• Oct 10th – SRA meeting
• Oct 14th – Community gardening
• Oct 21st – Apple Day
• Oct 24th – CAP meeting
• Nov 11th – Community gardening
• Nov 14th – SRA meeting
• Dec 12th – SRA Christmas meeting

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