Friday, 23 November 2012

SRA meeting - 10th Oct 2012

1. Present: Claire M; Diane D; Ken R; Christophe L; Pat O’L; Bron J; Annie W; John T; Tora O.

2. Apologies : Phil J; Maggie C; Nick; Rachel M; Andy C

3. Minutes of March meeting
• Item 7 Correction: add Christophe’s name to list of Mobile&Mint workshop attendees.
• Item 13 Dogs Legislation: Annie emailed Karen Alcock for clarification re dog on leads legislation.
Karen has passed email to Councilor Linden. No further response to date. Annie reported recent threatening behavior from irresponsible dog owner towards resident
in Butterfield Green.
• Minutes approved.

4. Accounts
• Nick not present, item deferred to Nov meeting.

5. Who shall we donate £100 of Film Night profits to?
• No suggestions except to use funds to support future SRA/BUG activities.

6. BUG/MUGA Update (Annie/Jenny W)
• BUG met with Hackney Parks (HP) new temporary bio-diversity officer Garry King. Did a walk around Butterfield Green (BG) and he was very supportive of BUG’s work.
• He will look into getting funding to plant shade tolerant plants in the neglected area beside Wordsworth Road. He is keen that we shouldn’t have to spend BUG money on this.
• He will try to get HP to deliver fresh mulch for the orchard path and cut the grass in the Orchard before Apple day.
• He advised on a new volunteer scheme which would provide up to 20 people for a days work in BG. BUG to work with Garry on this.
• He will also look into ways to get a permanent willow fence placed around the prairie bed at the BG main entrance. Possible workshop involving BUG.

Update from Jenny (received by email post meeting)

Closed Play Area
• We are waiting on internal sign off for the funds to pay for the repairs to be agreed.
I have been informed that the meeting to decide this is in the next couple of weeks.
Once this meeting has taken place and funds have been allocated then the repairs
will be undertaken. I will keep you informed on the progress.

MUGA Funding
• As you know I missed the deadline for this due to illness. I am very sorry about this.
I am waiting for the announcement for the 2 further rounds of Inspired Facilities Funding. No information is available currently regarding this, however looking at
how other funds are managed it is likely to be next year.

• There are other funds which may be available so I will be looking into those, one suggested (which isn't currently open) is the London Marathon Charitable Giving Fund however no doubt it will be open again next year. I will also ask for this project to be considered in next financial years capital programme which means if external funding can not be found in the meantime then it will still have a chance of progressing.

• Securing funding for the MUGA improvements is on my work programme and I should be here until the end of the financial year so please be assured that I am still intending to try to secure necessary funding for this.

7. Mobile&Mint Workshop Feedback
• Looked at examples of other types of community driven workshops in London and further afield.
• Workshop was more useful for sharing these ideas than getting new members to share the workload.
• From discussions held it is clear that we are a strong group compared to other residents’ groups.
• Claire will email the list with details of community activity groups to all for future discussion. 

8. Bron’s bunting
• Bron will hold a children’s bunting workshop on Apple Day. Will also encourage adults to make bunting from a template that Bron will provide. The intention is to get community made bunting to use at future SRA/BUG events.
• Claire to include a request for people to donate light-weight fabrics as part of the Apple Day reminder email to all.

9. St Mungo’s
• Chris Cramer not present but has promised to email a report on meeting held at St Mungo’s in Sept.
• Item was deferred to Nov meeting. Rachel and Claire will attend the police meeting to be held at the Howard Road Resource Centre on 24 Oct and report at our Nov meeting.
• John noted that the problems associated with homelessness are on the increase and that St Mungo’s takes in people that other centre will not.
• SRA confirmed its commitment to supporting St Mungo’s wherever possible.

10. Apple Day (Annie)
• To be held on Sunday 21 October  from 2 ­– 4pm
• Volunteers need to set up from 12.45 and clear up after 4pm
• Gazebos: Maggie and Phil x 1; Bron x 1
• Tables: John x 3; Christophe x 1; Bron x 2
• Paper cups and tea stuff: Pat and Ken
• Spoons for apple-and-spoon race: Annie
• Area map and post-it notes: Pat, Bron to supply easel.
• Games: Tora and Andy will run children’s games with help from other volunteers, hopefully. Pat will supply Pin-the-worm-on-the-apple game.
• Apples:  Annie will order 3 x box for fruit pressing from Farmers Mkt., Pat will help collect on Sat before. Tora will buy apples for games.
• Music: 3 x musicians. Annie to confirm that Geoff is doing a slot.
• Prizes: Nick to make toffee apples. Annie to buy extra prizes.
• Claire to email reminder to all, to include request for volunteers, cakes, bunting fabric, etc.

11. AOB
• Planning application with change of use to a children’s nursery on Allen Road. This is two doors from Bron. Bron has requested more information and has opportunity to object.

Dates for diaries
·       Oct 14th – Community gardening
·       Oct 21st – Apple Day
·       Oct 24th – CAP meeting
·       Nov 11th – Community gardening
·       Nov 14th – SRA meeting
·       Dec 12th – SRA Christmas meeting

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