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SRA meeting - 14th Nov 2012

1.          Welcome (Diane)
Diane (vice chair), Christophe, Bron, Annie, Maggie, Phil, Rachel, Nick, Andy

2.          Apologies
Claire (chair), Pat, Ken, Rajni, Ulla, Tora

3.          Minutes of Oct meeting

4.          Review of Apple Day
A nice event, although turn-out was low, perhaps due to bad weather. Apple juice, tea and slices of cake were very popular, but the event didn’t make much money. There weren’t many cakes to sell. Not a problem as it was conceived as more of a social event than a fundraiser. We could use another gazebo as rain cover, especially for cakes and children’s games. We’ll need to find storage for it. Many thanks to the organizers and volunteers who worked so hard to make this a really lovely community event.

Action: Buy another gazebo for our next event (Phil)

5.    Financial Report (Nick)
Nick presented the annual accounts to y/e 2011 and 2012.
Income and outgoings are grouped under headings. 
Film nights tend to make about £400. The 2010 film night made a loss because our film licence runs from May to May, and we only did one event in that period, tipping us into the red on this category.

Andy promises to give invoices to Nick this week.
Further invoices will be paid by Nick.

We have £400 available for charitable donations. We agreed to give £200 each to Hackney Night Shelter (HNS) and St Mungo’s Church Walk.

Action: Contact HNS about donating £200 in cash or kind. (Phil)
Contact St Mungo’s about donating £200 in cash or kind. (Rachel)

6.    BUG Report.
The playground by the Mews was closed in early Sept. and notices went up saying works were about to start. Nothing happened, and some parents contacted BUG about the delay. Annie chased it, and work began swiftly. The lack of communications from the Council have been frustrating, but thanks to Jenny Watters and Michael Dixon for their help. 

The promised planting on the Wordsworth Rd side still hasn’t taken place.

A memorial bench is proposed from someone in Canada. Annie has chased. 

Unfortunately the Council grass mowers have taken out our raspberries. We agreed to invest in marking them so this can’t recur.

Our orchard trees could be tagged to increase their visibility and encourage people to take care of them.

Action: The January gardening day will do some work on signage.

7.    Planning Applications
·      58 Allen Road: An application has been submitted to turn this into a nursery for 12 kids. Work has begun, but consultation period seems to be still open.
·      68 Allen Road: Being redeveloped as flats.
·      70 Allen Road (Elford’s): Being redeveloped
·      Sainsbury’s, Wilmer Place: no news

8.    Christmas social event
Our December meeting will be a social at The RoOM, with food, drink and possibly music. There will be community bunting-making to decorate Butterfield Green at future SRA events.

Action: Mulled wine (Bron)
Food (Everyone)
E-mailing and website (Rachel)
Materials for bunting (Janet?)

9.    AOB
·      Dogs legislation. Cllr Sophie Linden says that the Council has mistakenly said that legislation has been passed requiring all dogs to be on leads when it hasn't been. They are still intending to pass some legislation. Consultation ended on 6 Nov. Comment expected.
·      Skateboarders. We note a recent upsurge in skateboarding at the Allen Road/ Milton Grove junction.

10. Dates for diaries
·      Dec. 9th – Community gardening – Pruning
·      Dec 12th – SRA Christmas social
·      Jan 9th – SRA meeting
·      Jan 13th – Community gardening - Signage
·      Feb 10th – Community gardening
·      Feb 13th – SRA meeting

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