Monday, 18 March 2013

SRA Meeting - January 2013

1.          Present
Claire, Diane, Christophe, Bron, Maggie, Phil, Rachel, Nick, Tora, Flora

2.          Apologies
Annie, Pat, Ken, Geraldine, Chris

3.          Minutes of Nov meeting
Hackney Winter Night Shelter thanked us for our £200 donation. The shelter – which has been very well attended this year – gets through £50+ a night in incidentals, so it has made a huge difference.

St Mungo's has also expressed gratitude for our £200 donation, which was spent on taking the residents out for a special dinner.

4.          Review of Christmas Bunting Party
December’s festive drinks and bunting-making was very successful. We welcomed 40 neighbours, made 55 bits of bunting, and chatted with Jude and Simon from St Mungo’s. Everyone enjoyed wonderful food and drink, and a very social evening. Our thanks to Bron for hosting it.

5.    BUG Report
The Gardening session this Sunday will be held at Bron’s, and will be carrying out tree labeling to encourage local engagement with the Orchard, to increase the trees’ visibility and encourage people to take care of them.
Jenny Watters is preparing to submit a new bid for funding to improve the MUGA (Multi-Use Games Area). She is enlisting help from Sport For Social Change. Maggie has agreed to help drafting the letter.
The promised planting on the Wordsworth Rd side still hasn’t taken place.

6.    New Planning Applications
·      67 Allen Road (Hackney Council Planning ref. 2012/3585) – some concerns about proposed metal mesh front.
·      Sainsbury’s, Wilmer Place: no news

7.    Finances (Nick)
Andy still hasn’t delivered his receipts for September’s film night to Nick, so our books are sadly out of date. (Claire)

8.    AOB
·      Climate Rush East – A new feminist direct action art group has been in touch. Flora is liaising.
·      SRA Picnic in the Park – proposed bring-and-share picnic with duck race? Date TBA. Please bring ideas to the next meeting.
·      This might be something to do a newsletter about (Tora)
·      Flora argued that we could make better use of Facebook to promote the SRA e.g. post some Trusty Tradespeople reviews on our page (Claire). All of us can become an Admin and post photos of our news and events (all)

9.    Dates for diaries
·      Jan 13th – Community gardening - Signage
·      Feb 10th – Community gardening
·      Feb 13th – SRA meeting
·      Mar 13th – SRA meeting
·      Apr 10th – SRA meeting
·      May/ June – Picnic in the Park


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