Monday, 10 June 2013

SRA Meeting Wednesday 10th April 2013 - Minutes

Christophe, Ken, Pat, Claire, Geraldine, Tora, Phil
Annie, Maggie, Chris, Rachel, Bron
The March Minutes were approved
Butterfield Green update
- Pat is making a new map of the orchard.
- Jenny Watters (Parks Development Officer) held a consultation session on the 23rd of March in the park regarding MUGA. Good turnout despite terrible weather conditions, with some useful feedback! Karen (dep. leader of the council) is trying to move things forward and we have done as much as we could have.
- Maggie has circulated an email from the Hackney Marshes Users Group about the council’s intention to hold several major events on the Marshes during the summer and the potential negative impact that would have on the park and its users.
Picnic in the park
Date: Sunday June 23rd from 1pm
Permits etc: Claire is in touch with the Council. They will let us know if we need to submit anything else or if there are any other requirements in terms of health and safety etc.
Duck Race: the stream will be turned on at the end of April/early May so there will be plenty of time to do a test run. The new pump might be strong enough not to need an extra hose – this will need to be tested before the day of the picnic.
Other games: Claire will email Andy to ask him about ideas. Tora and Bron will discuss ideas for a Treasure Hunt using the woodland area. Christophe is working on water rockets – this could be a potential activity for the day.
Music: Bron is waiting to hear back from some musicians (Geoff/bicycle music?).
Other equipment: We will need the three gazebos, some spare blankets, and 4-5 tables that can be used for food. Phil will ask John if we can borrow the same trestle tables as we used for Apple Day (needed from 12ish). We may also need some simple prices for the Duck Race and games.
Advertising: The general idea is to keep it simple and low-key. A couple of posters should be put up around the park a few weeks before the event. Geraldine will draft a poster design and circulate.

Cycle Storage
Claire is in touch with Tobias Newland, who will be invited to attend the May meeting.
AGM speaker
Geraldine suggested that we invite someone from the anti-Sainsbury’s campaign to speak at the AGM. Claire will contact them via the Stokey Local website and copy in Russell Miller. Publicity for the meeting/speaker will be discussed at the next meeting.

Phil from Lovebikes has asked if we can post an advert on the SRA facebook page. It was decided that we would not post any specific adverts on the website or facebook page, but Lovebikes is included in the Trusted Local Tradespeople on the website.

Dates for diaries
• April 14th – Community Gardening
• May 8th – SRA meeting
• May 12th – Community Gardening
• June 9th – Community Gardening
• June 12th – SRA AGM
• June 23rd – Picnic in the Park

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