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SRA Meeting Wednesday 19th June 2013 - Minutes

Geraldine, Tora, Jenny, Liz S, Isabella, Phil J, Christophe, Maggie, Nick, Diane, Rachel, Claire, John Page (guest), Bron, Annie, Rajni, Theron, Jenny Watters (guest), Mary Cate

Pat and Ken

The minutes of the May meeting were approved.

SRA – Review of the Year
The Chair gave a review of 2013. This year has been very successful several public events, campaigns, donations to local charities, and social events we ran. We are making a real contribution to the area.

BUG – Review of the Year
Albion Grove
Allen Road
Annie Wilson/ Bron Jones
Belgrade Road
Andy Clough tbc
Brighton Road
Frances Hollis/
Adam Hartfarmer
Church Walk
Pat O’Leary
Clonbrock Rd
Rajni Shah
Leonard Place
Mary Cate
Mary Cate
Milton Grove
Maggie C/ Phil Jakeman
Nevill Road
Barbara Read
Osterley Road
Ros White TBC
Palatine Road
Hilary Lee
Prince George
Denise Marshall tbc
Princess May
Shaksp. Mews
Tora (temp)
Shaksp. Walk
Rachel Murrell
Walford Rd
John Taylor
Wordsworth Rd
Fr David Lambert
Howard Rd RC
Ian Richardson tbc

Maggie reported that the Butterfield Green User Group have kept the Orchard in good shape. Trees are good, though they’ve had lot of black-fly lately and two were vandalized. But the trees damaged two years ago – more severely – are recovering well. We got another Green Flag. We supported Jenny’s efforts to improve the MUGA (Multi Use Games Area). The stream was supposed to come back on at the end of May, but didn’t: we’re chasing. We requested Parks to cut the grass and leave some wild; initially they cut none, then they cut it all down. We are attending and contributing to Hackney Parks Forum. In summary, we’ve done a lot, although it can be a frustrating process at times.

MUGA – Jenny Watters
The consultation on the sports facilities in February attracted 30 comments in person and 10 more by e-mail. We’re looking at ways of re-designing the Milton Gardens end of the Green.
Jenny has submitted grant applications to:

·        Inspired Funding (hopes to hear mid-July)
·        Marathon Trust,
·        Pocket Parks (closes end of August). 

Re Stream: Jenny apologizes for its condition, but it has now been cleared, and she will chase Michael Dixon to repair the pump in time for next week’s duck race.

Re Green Flag. The park’s being mystery-shopped by the end of June, and the hard work of the user group in turning it around. We’ll hear back. We get a green flag. It’s quite prestigious internally at Parks Dept. and may help getting extra funding.

Re the grass mowing, Jenny is arranging a meeting to try to brief the mowers about what this park requires. JW will speak to Michael Dixon about arranging a meeting. She says that sadly the mowers get very little training because they’re so stretched and the focus tends to be on health and safety.

Jenny leaves end of June, and we recorded our thanks for her work. (Note: Her successor, Niki Efstratiou, was appointed in the summer; she reports to Sam Parry. Niki.Efstratiou@hackney.gov.uk )

Financial report
Nick, our outgoing Treasurer, gave his annual statement.
At 1 April 2012, we had £2023 in the bank. At 31 March 2013 the cash balance was £2063.
We’ve given 2 x £200 to local charities.
Claire, Phil and Nick read and signed the accounts. 
We no longer take subscriptions any more, but encourage annual donations of £5 per household.
There are no outstanding cheques as of today.
The current signatories are Annie, Nick, Andy.
Nick is resigning as treasurer, and will handover to the new treasurer, and sign a transfer of signatories form for the Co Op Bank.

SRA 2013 elections
We thanked all the outgoing officers for their efforts this year. We held Elections and voted in the following new officers:

·   Chair: Claire Middleton.
·   Vice-chair: Bron Jones
·   Secretary: Tora Olsson
·   Treasurer: Christophe Lutard.
·   Facebook: Claire Middleton
·   Website: Theron Schmidt
·   Cheque signatories: Christophe, Annie Wilson, Tora, Claire
·   Electronic signatories: Christophe and Claire

The street reps remain unchanged, with the exception of the addition of Hilary Lee, who has agreed to become Palatine Road rep.

Reps attend monthly SRA meetings whenever possible and leaflet their street once or twice a year.

SRA Picnic in the Park – June 23rd 
Plans are advanced for this event. A few extra tasks were allocated:

Firetruck – Mary Cate
Table Tennis - Rachel 
Posters – GG
Bunting – Bron
Gazebos – where?
Photographer – Richard Allen

SpeakerJohn Page, Hackney Planning Watch
John gave a short history of the proposed development of a Sainsbury’s in Wilmer Place, off Church Street and the Stokey Local campaign against it on environmental, architectural, ecological, traffic, housing and economic grounds. The Council rejected the application in April.

A revised proposal - substantially unchanged – goes to Planning on July 31st, and John encouraged us to send a letter of objection, leaflet our area, come to a meeting on 26th June, join the bug parade on Sat 27th July, and attend the Planning meeting on 31st July.

Our meeting voted unanimously to submit a formal letter of objection on the basis of our survey of members last year.

Annie suggested our street reps could help distribute Stokey Local leaflets, and Rachel will liaise with John on this.

Hackney Planning Watch has argued against neighbourhood planning forums, and the Council appears to be minded to reject them.

The meeting thanked John for his very informative talk.

The unsightly bollards at the top of Church Walk have been removed, which removes a major trip hazard. But a Council truck has already been seen driving over the pavement. We will ask for some kind of planters to replace the bollards.

Dates for diaries
·                    June 23rd Picnic in the Park
·                    July 10th No meeting
·                    July 14th – Community Gardening
·                    Aug 11th Community Gardening
·                    Aug 14th No meeting
·                    August sometime Film Night planning meeting
·                    Sept 8th - Community Gardening
·                    Sept 11th SRA/ BUG meeting

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