Tuesday, 8 October 2013

SRA Meeting Wednesday 8th May 2013 - Minutes

Ken, Tora, Claire, Christophe, Bron, Rachel, GG

Rajni, Maggie, Phil, Pat, Nick, Chris C, Annie

The Minutes of the April meeting were approved

Butterfield Green (BUG)
We had a good orchard day. It was nice and sunny and half a dozen people worked hard clearing trees, planting wildflower seeds, etc. Thanks to all who helped. 

Multi Use Games Area (MUGA)
No news.

SRA Picnic in the Park – June 23rd
Geraldine will make a poster to go up on 14th June.
Duck race - Bron will e-mail Michael Dixon re starting stream. Ken will source the materials.
Schedule for the day:
12 noon: organizers arrive to set up
1 pm: activities start
4pm: activities end.
Games: Andy has agreed to MC them. Bron will find out what he needs.
Treasure Hunt: Bron, Maggie and Tora will prepare it. Bron, Christophe, Rachel and Geraldine will help on the day.
Group skiing (!): Bron, Tora and Geoff will create the ‘skis’. 
Rachel will email membership on 1st June about Picnic and AGM.
Tables: Phil agreed to arrange borrowing some from John.
June 12th planning meeting Bron’s at 8pm. With drinks to attract volunteers!!
Music - Martina, Geoff, Joolie, Christian are confirmed. Rota to be planned at 12th
Photos - Rachel has asked Richard Allen if he can take a few pics.

Date confirmed for Weds 19th June. 
John Page of Hackney Planning Watch will speak at 8.30.
Elections are also scheduled – Rachel and Claire to make the list.
We will publicise through e-mail (Rachel), Facebook (Claire) and Twitter (Geraldine). 
We can announce plans for a film night - Saturday 28th September – and request suggestions for the film.

Cycle storage 
LBH proposes secure on-street cycle storage on Allen Road. 
Rachel and Claire met with Tobias Newland on 22 April to discuss possible locations. 
Consultation will begin shortly. If the response is positive, a first storage site could be created by late June/ early July. 

Financial Report
Nick sent his apologies, and will bring annual accounts to the AGM.
Bron will give Nick receipts for room hire. There don’t appear to be any other invoices to pay. 

We agreed to take a break over the summer, and skip the July and August meetings.

Dates for diaries
May 12th – Community Gardening 
June 9th – Community Gardening
June 19th – SRA/ BUG AGM
June 23rd – Picnic in the Park
July 10th – No meeting 
July 14th – Community Gardening
Aug 11th – Community Gardening
Aug 14th – No meeting
Sept 8th - Community Gardening
Sept 11th – SRA/ BUG meeting

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