Thursday, 19 December 2013

SRA Meeting, Wednesday, 9 October 2013 - Minutes

Claire, Bron, Cristophe, Diane, Pat, Ken, Annie, Tora, Geraldine, Alex

Maggie, Phil, Rachel

The September Minutes were approved.

BUG update
Gardening this Sunday (13th October): planting in the orchard
It was reported that one of the raised beds in the orchard have been damaged.

MUGA: Alex has seen contractors coming to have a look at the MUGA and the playground. The cover has been replaced over the manhole and the Common Nightshade has been removed.
Alex to find out about the equalities assessment and report back to the group.

Apple Day planning:
We have asked for the grass in the orchard to be cut for Apple Day.
Set-up begins at 12.30 to be ready for 2pm: Gazebos and tables to be set up
Ken and Pat will be in charge of cakes. New tea bags needed.
Andy and Phil will be in charge of games for the kids
Rachel will organize a bird feeder-making stall
We will have two apple presses (four people needed to man these) – Bron will get the apples. Julie will donate paper cups.
Annie and Bron will be in charge of the stall for info about the SRA and BUG – also taking suggestions for what can be improved. We’ll also be collecting signatures for a petition to get the MUGA fixed.
Additional posters handed out to be put up.
Sainsbury’s update
Rachel has sent a detailed update from Stokey Local’s meeting. Further to the second planning application having been approved, and the subsequent judicial review initiated by Stokey Local, the developer has put in a new application so that the procedure cannot be legally challenged.
It was decided that:
-       We will write to Eric Pickles to urge him to call in the new (third) application
-       We will write to our local councillors to ask them to write to Eric Pickles urging him to call in the new application
-       We will also encourage our local councillors on the Planning Committee to come to the planning meeting on the 6th of November (date tbc) organised by Stokey Local, to hear what their constituents think about this. We will also urge them to update the Local Development Plan to avoid this situation happening again in the future
-       We will write to Hackney Council to urge them to reject the third planning application
-       We will email SRA members to inform them about the latest developments and encourage them to support Stokey Local’s campaign
We decided not to donate money from the SRA to the Stokey Local campaign.

Leaflet update
Geraldine to draft an informative leaflet by Saturday for Bron to print. We will then be handing these out during Apple Day.

- Diane updated the group on the overgrown tree in Church Walk which forced people to walk into the road to get around it. The council has informed the owner that the tree will be cut if nothing gets done.
- There has been a petition to move the parking bay at the crossing of Nevill/Wordsworth/Osterley roads which was rejected by the police because it is a thoroughfare for police cars to get to Albion road. It was suggested that we propose a new petition. Alex to work on a proposed wording and present to the wider group.
- There is an issue with cyclists going too fast on the cycle path at the end of Allen road. No actions were taken at this stage, but this should be discussed further.
- Alex informed the group that the council are updating the bylaws. It would be worth looking into this more in detail. Alex to follow up and report back.
- There have been rumours that Foxtons are opening an office on Church street. No actions were determined at this stage.

Dates for Diaries
·         13th October – Community Gardening
·         20th October – Apple Day
·         10th November – Community Gardening
·         13th November – SRA/BUG Meeting

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