Wednesday, 5 March 2014

SRA and BUG exec meeting, Wednesday 8 January 2014 - Minutes

Claire, Bron, Cristophe, Pat, Ken, Tora

Maggie, Phil, Rachel, Andy, Geraldine

The November Minutes were approved.

BUG update
January and February Community Gardening cancelled, next date will be 9th of March.

MUGA: £80,000 of funding has been confirmed for the refurbishment of the MUGA. It was suggested that we should send out a short blurb about the MUGA and how funding has finally been secured to the email list, as well as write a post on facebook and the website. Maggie to coordinate this.
It is still unclear who did the resurfacing – potentially Hackney Homes.

The trees will be pruned in the coming couple of weeks. There was some discussion on how this should best be done. Bron to follow up with Maggie.

Butterfield Green Management Plan – Maggie coordinating response from BUG.

Film Night Planning
We will organize the next film night in April/May. Given that it needs to be early enough to be dark at or just after 8, but (hopefully) warm enough, end-April (26th?) was suggested. Final date, submissions of film license renewal and council forms, and film choice to be reviewed and coordinated at the February meeting.

Sainsbury’s update
Third application has passed. No further updates at this stage.

£160.33 earned on Apple Day.
The account signatories have still not been changed. Christophe and Maggie to follow up with the bank. Given that this has taken so long, it was discussed whether we should change bank to one with a local branch. The Credit Union was suggested; Tora to check possibilities of opening an account with them. It was decided that we would review the situation at the next meeting.
A potential charity donation from the funds was discussed. A final decision will be made at the next meeting.

Dates for Diaries
  • 12th February – SRA/BUG meeting
  • 9th March – Community Gardening
  • 14th March – SRA/BUG meeting
  • 10th April – SRA/BUG meeting
  • 13th April – Community Gardening
  • 26th April – Film night (TBC)

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