Monday, 16 February 2015

Shakespeare Residents' Association & BUG exec meeting, 14 May 2014

Maggie, Tora, Bron, Pat, Phil, Christophe, Rachel

Annie, Ken, Geraldine, Claire

The March Minutes were approved.

BUG and MUGA update
We will have a group of volunteers coming to Butterfield Green for a day’s work in the orchard on Friday the 23rd of May. Phil and Annie are organizing. Annie has been in charge of communicating with the East London Business Authority who are coordinating, and has also completed all the various health and safety assessments to enable this to go ahead.

We have had an update from Georgie, the new parks officer. She has started drafting the tender document for refurbishing the MUGA and Basketball court (also including improvements to the frontage of the MUGA which backs onto Shakspeare Walk). This will be sent out to a few contractors to respond to over a 2 week period. Evaluation and appointment should be done towards the end of June so that work can commence shortly after. She is also looking into the issue with the flood lights (will need planning permission) but believes that the refurbishment can progress alongside the planning application.

If there is any additional money for other refurbishments, we discussed the following potential improvements suggested by Georgie:

- Hoggin path through the orchard is a priority
- Fencing solution for Allen Road entrance
- Improved planting along basket court area at all entrances, including continuing sustainable planting around Allen Road entrance
- Sunken area near ping pong table: We suggest improved shade-tolerant planting - ferns, hellebores etc
- Resurfacing of the swing area by the Cowper Road entrance should be done as part of maintenance programme
- Area beyond the MUGA towards Milton Grove: We agreed with Georgie’s indicative ideas of a trim trail/outdoor gym, and highlighted that Jenny Watters carried out a consultation re the Milton Grove section in March last year  
Finally, it was emphasized that we would like improved planting to be the priority for the section 106 money - this has been on the agenda for years and needs addressing.

Park Maintenance issues should be sent to Michael Dixon. Any ideas for improvements and developments should be sent straight to Georgie (

Butterfield Green will be judged for a Green Flag award this year but the council is still awaiting contact from the judges. Georgie will keep us posted and hopes that a few representatives from the users’ group will be able to attend on the day.

Maggie suggested moving the hoses from her garden to the gardener’s hut in the orchard. She also reported that Annie had found condoms in the water tap hole in the orchard.

As several exec members are going to be away on the 11th of June, it was decided that we would move the AGM to the previous Wednesday, 4th of June. Claire has informed the group that she will not be seeking re-election as chair.

Film Night Planning
Following the issues with obtaining a license, the Film Night planned for end-April had to be cancelled at late notice. It was decided that we would plan for another one in late summer/early autumn instead. 27th of September is the preliminary date. Christophe to continue to work on getting the correct license in place. Rachel volunteered to ask Vivien if she could help. Christophe and Rachel to coordinate.

Summer Picnic day planning
We decided to organize a picnic in the park in the same format as last year, with musicians and some games for the children. Sunday 27th of July was chosen as a suitable date. Bron to enquire about musicians, as well as Phil (Mike’s band who played at Apple Day last year). Tora to coordinate. We will have one meeting in July (9th) which will be dedicated to planning the picnic and will take place in the Shakespeare pub.

The judicial review planned for the 19th of May has been postponed. More info to come, Rachel to keep us updated on this.

Everything is now sorted out with the new signatories and we can write cheques again. It was decided that we would wait for a few months before deciding to change banks.

Hackney LibDems are organizing a public meeting in Stoke Newington to raise the issue of an elected council of Stoke Newington which would come up with a ‘planning preferences document’ as an attempt to reign in the reactive nature of the council’s planning committee. This will take place on Sunday at 3pm in St Matthias church. They would like to formulate a clear statement for what new development should be like.

Dates for Diaries

·         4th June – SRA/BUG AGM
·         8th June – Community Gardening
·         9th July – Picnic planning meeting in the Shakespeare pub
·         27th July – Picnic in the park
·         27th September – Film night

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