Monday, 16 February 2015

Shakespeare Residents' Association & BUG exec meeting, 8th October 2014

Geraldine, Christophe, PAt, Annie, Diane, Alex, Rachel.

Tora, Ken, Maggie, Phil, Bron.

The Sept minutes were approved.

The volunteer day with the bank went very well - well attended,
they moved the rasberries, put in new herbs, bulbs, compost bin.
Parks have been asked to cut the grass.
There will be a consultation at Apple Day (19th Oct) for the Parks
Dept. Georgia has been away and not yet sent the forms, and no
reply from them about getting volunteers to plant bulbs either.
**Annie to email them again about that and being at Apple Day.
Someone keeps opening the cover to the water supply for the
stream and turning it on so it floods.
**Annie to email Georgia about this, eg closing the manhole cover
with a key.
Parks dept changed one of the padlocks for the electrician’s hut
without telling us. We couldn’t get in on film night and luckily Frank
turned up and lent us the key, which we’ve now returned.
**Rachel will contact Chris Hall at Parks Dept about this, invite him
to Apple Day and encourage them to communicate with us.
Alex has written to the councillors about the cut fence at MUGA.

Film Night
A big success, well done and thank you everyone! Especially given
the rainy weather earlier in the day. Great choice of film - let’s stick
to fairly short ones. We estimate 200 people attended. Donations/
food sales on the night: £ 264.70; 1/4 of a dollar and 20 groszy.
The amp we rented didn’t work but everyone rallied round and we
found another. We hope to get a discount on the rental fee. The
security people were ok, we could use them again.
**Katie to put together a guidance document based on everything
we learnt.
**Par to email Theron to get some photos on the website/
**Anyone with any more expenses to contact Christophe.

Apple Day
We have some books. Rachel will do games. Annie has the apple
peelers. Bron is doing a kids activity. All the tea stuff is at Bron’s.
NB Alex has donated a tea urn (thanks!) so we might have it on at
Bron’s and refill urns with hot water there. He has also donated 3
jars of cherry jam to go with Mary Cate’s scones - thanks!
More cakes and volunteers welcome.
**Pat to send Rachel info about apple printing; and to check with
Julie about the tables.
**Annie to get prizes for games.
**Rachel to get poster online (DONE)
**Volunteers to arrive ideally 12.30pm, 1pm latest, for activities 2-
4pm, done by about 5pm.
**Christophe to provide float.

£1846.23 in the account. Film night expenses still to come out of
that. Christophe will pay in the donations.
We’ve bought a gazebo, it’s good! Currently at Christophe’s house
- can we store it somewhere?
**Alex to invite speaker from for
xmas drinks.
**Diane will find out who to contact about a roadsign for Church
Walk that was taken down to fix a security camera.

Dates for diaries
19th October- Apple Day
9th November- Community gardening
12th November – SRA meeting
10th December – SRA Christmas social

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