Monday, 16 February 2015

Shakespeare Residents' Association & BUG exec meeting 12th November 2014

Bron, Tora, Annie, Rachel, Pat, Diane, Christophe, Alex, Geraldine

Maggie, Phil, Ken

Minutes of October meeting were approved

Maggie has got the new key for the park (locks have changed). Annie reported that there was a meeting with BUG and Georgie Brown (parks officer) on Friday 7th November, during which the new Management Plan for Butterfield Green was discussed. It was agreed that there will be a planting plan for Wordsworth road part of the park (under the trees next to the fence). Georgie will also look into whether there is money to re-plant the beds around the main entrance.
The parks office is now working with Ken from the garden school as discussed during his visit to the SRA/BUG meeting in June.
Some of the trees in the woodland area are dead, and have been pointed out to Georgie.
The recent gardening days have been particularly badly attended. Ideas welcome for how we can encourage more people to come along.

Alex reported that the fence has been mended and mentioned that councillor Sade Etti had helped to push to get this done. The MUGA repairs are due to be completed by February 2015, but this is subject to weather conditions. The lights still need to be fixed, and no one present was certain of whether this will be done as part of the MUGA refurbishment or not. Alex said that he had a few more issues he wants to raise with the parks office, and that he would keep the group updated. It was suggested that we would send an email to Georgie from the SRA  to ask for a full account of what is being done with the MUGA, how much is being spent, and how much – potentially – is left?

SRA Christmas Social
Roberta Wedge has confirmed that she will come and speak about Mary Wollstonecraft. It was decided that we would give a donation from the SRA to ‘Mary On The Green’, to go towards the statue that is planned for Newington Green. As we have done previous years, we will suggest that people bring some snacks to share. Bron will organise mulled wine.

The final cost for Film Night still not confirmed, as we have not received the final invoice for the projector equipment. Pat will ask Andy about this.

Tora to update with latest minutes and photos, and will also show Pat how to do it. It would be good to have someone who comes to most monthly meetings to update the website. Christophe volunteered to take responsibility for updating the facebook page.

Stokie Local / Anti-Sainsbury’s Campaign update
Rachel reported that Stokie Local lost the recent high court appeal. In a meeting following the ruling, the approximately 50 Stokie Local members present voted unanimously to appeal the ruling. There is now a fundraising effort to raise an additional 10,000 to cover court and solicitor costs. This is seen as an opportunity to raise awareness for bad legislation, as well as challenging this particular development. The appeal will be lodged by Friday 14th of November, and it will take 4-6 months to get a response. Rachel asked whether the SRA would be willing to give a donation. It was decided that we would discuss this during the first meeting in 2015.

Alex reported that the council will do a road/footway improvement of Shakespeare Walk between January and March. There will also be a new cycle lane along Shakespeare walk.

Dates for diaries
10th December – SRA Christmas social
11th January – BUG gardening session
14th January – SRA meeting

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