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Shakespeare Residents' Association & BUG meeting, 14th January 2015

Present:     Bron (chair) Phil (minutes) Christophe (finance) Maggie (minutes) Hilary  Liz
Apologies:  Rachel Pat Ken Tora Ned Annie Claire
Minutes of November 2014 meeting: approved
BUG/MUGA Updates:
(a)  Maggie received the following from Georgie (parks development officer)
I have spoken to the Project Manager and been informed that the contractor has now been appointed. The programme that they submitted with their tender was approximately 1 month on site. They should start placing orders this week which means their suppliers will inform them of lead in times for items such as the fencing. Hopefully we will have a more realistic programme by next week and I shall forward you this information when we have received it.

Other updates 
Swings out of action in the Cowper Road play area – they are out of action due to the surfacing underneath the swings which is a health and safety risk.  A work order has been approved to repair and make safe the surfacing so the swings will be back in action soon now.

Green flag submission and the management plan have been submitted for the 2015 competition.

Work experience with The Garden School – we hope to get this set up soon with Daven assisting the pupils on site. Ken was interested in getting involved with the sustainable planting area too so we will get a meeting on site soon.

Other site improvements – we should soon have a clearer idea on what money we have left over from the MUGA works and then we can revisit our wish list and management plan aspirations, cost these items and submit our proposal to the funder to see if they are happy with the redirection of left over spend.

(b)  Other BUG work:  Most trees have been pruned; a few still need doing, particularly the large quince.  The Albion Grove/Milton Grove bed has been weeded and new plants (mulleins and foxgloves) have been put in.

(c)  Raised under AOB: Alex had written to Hackney about the MUGA grant and received replies which will be forwarded to Tora (secretary).

(d)  Annie is doing a planting plan for infill in the Allen Road gates planting bed in BG.  Hackney are funding this.

(e)  Raised under AOB: The next priority for BG is a path through the orchard.  The present one is attractive but is not accessible for disabled people and not easy for people pushing buggies. It requires maintenance which is increasingly difficult to achieve.

(f)   We will agree a date for the next community gardening  (probably April) nearer the time. Maggie will put up interim notices.
Community Gardening Date to be decided - BUG;
Notices to be put up – Maggie
Planting plan to Hackney - Annie
Correspondence re BG to Tora for distribution – Alex
Discussion with Georgie about BG plans following MUGA - BUG

New commercial property on Allen Road
The general feeling was that a business like the one that was forced to leave – The Letterbox Library would be ideal.  People did not favour housing, as the SRA has always wanted mixed nature of Allen Road to be retained, or at least not further eroded.
Key issues were noise, smell and waste – all created by many current businesses.  A breakdown of responses is shown on the  document below:  Letterbox Library opinions.
Action:  responses to be passed to Ned for comment

Christophe tabled a short report:  £1819.32 credit.  But some expenses to follow; possibly some from last film night from Andy.  An alternative bank to the Co-op is still being researched.
The £100 donation to Mary on The Green will be made via Alex
Andy to be contacted;  alternative banks to be suggested – Christophe
Ensure donation reaches Mary on the Green - Christophe and Alex

(a)  Alex raised BG issues (see above)
(b)   Alex raised issue of pedestrian link between the MUGA and the other side of Shakespeare Walk, near SWAPA.  Agreed that improved lighting, improved pedestrian crossing and traffic calming measures are needed. 
Action:  issue to be passed to Ned for comment
(c)  Palatine cycle path discussed:  agreed that there is a need for markings for cyclists and pedestrians – people have been narrowly missed by cyclists and motorcyclists leaving the cycle path and travelling north on Neville Road.  Calming measures for cycles would be helpful.
Action:  issue to be passed to Ned for comment
(d)  There is a notice forbidding various behaviours, including urinating, on the corner of Allen Road/Palatine Road.  It was felt that this is not a helpful notice.  Did residents ask for it?
Action:  issue to be passed to Ned for comment
(e)  The Eurobins by the Allen Road park gates are always overflowing.  We
were told they were emptied every day, but it was agreed that another charity clothes bin is needed.  This may also fill in the gap where people currently fly-tip.
Action:  issue to be passed to Ned for comment
(f)   Film night:  do we want one in April?  To be agreed at February’s meeting.
Action:  issue to be put on February’s agenda – Tora

Dates for diaries
Community gardening – tba
SRA meeting Weds 11th February
Letterbox Library Opinions
Letterbox Library Opinions
Type of use

Use Class A1 - Shops

Depends on shop (5);not betting/pawn brokers (3)  not supermarket (2); yes to sport-type shop(1) Not late night opening (5)
Use Class A2 - Financial and Professional

If offices/like Letterbox
Use Class A3 - Restaurants and Cafes
As long as it’s not in competition with what is here, though it may bring in more people (1);  Enough now, don’t want over-provision; noisy &smelly (7)
Use Class A4 - Drinking Establishments

Use Class A5 - Hot Food Take Aways

a/a & rubbish mess
Use Class B1 - Business

If not noisy/smelly (8); not a nursery (1)
Use Class B2 - General Industrial

Use Class B3 - Special Industrial Group A

Use Class B4 - Special Industrial Group B

Use Class B5 - Special Industrial Group C

Use Class B6 - Special Industrial Group D

Use Class B7 - Special Industrial Group E

Use Class B8 - Storage Or Distribution

Use Class C1 - Hotels and Hostels

There are some institutions round here now; problems  (2)
Use Class C2 - Residential Institutions

Use Class C3 - Dwellings, Houses, Flats, Apartments

we want a business – like the old letterbox library
Use Class C4 - Houses In Multiple Occupations

Use Class Sui Generis - Does Not Fall Into Any Class

Use Class D1 - Non-Residential Institutions

Bad experience of  social club – prostitutes; fights; burger trolleys ..
Use Class D2 - Assembly and Leisure

Exercise classes could be good – yoga (4) music (1) community education(1) artists’ studios (4)

Nb one response said that they would defer to opinions of locals for sections B, C, D

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