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Shakespeare Residents' Association & BUG exec meeting, 10th September 2014

Ken, Mary Cate, Bron, Geraldine, Maggie, Annie, Kate Ferguson, Pete Ferguson, Rachel, Ned, Claire, Liz, Isabella, Phil, Diane, Christophe, Pat, Julie


The June minutes were approved

We welcomed Pat as new chair.
We were very pleased to meet two new members Pete and Kate Ferguson and all introduced ourselves.

Annie Maggie and Bron to meet with Georgie from the parks department on Friday 12th September morning to discuss ‘character areas’ in the Butterfield Green parks and SWOT, this has been circulated.

Volunteer day in the orchard on Friday 3rd October, second helpful visit from State Street Bank who are also giving 200.00 to spend on the orchard, Annie Maggie and Bron will attend.

There will be fewer community gardening days in future, they were once a month. Next one will be on November 9th to prune pip trees. There will be none in Dec, Jan, Feb. Maggie to notify by email.

The BUGers are presently discussing the state of the compost bins, to get new ones and if so what type, or to do without compost as it needs quite a lot of attention.

Annie is negotiating with Ken Brant and pupils of The Garden School to take over one of the beds in the orchard which is going to happen soon.
Ken has also invited anyone interested to look around the school on 20th-21st September.

A local resident has requested a Geo-cache in Butterfield Green, no conclusion reached as to what it actually entails. We will find out.

The MUGA fence has not yet been repaired, Mary Cate suggested that the gates are left unlocked in the evening as people trying to get in could be the reason that the fence is damaged.

Annie talked of a man who has threatened several people in the park and the seeming lack of interest by parks department and police. Diane to bring this up at a meeting of the Community Advisory Panel this week where the police will be attending, Annie to provide details to Diane.

Mary Cate to circulate the number for Antisocial Behaviour Department.

Isabella told of hearing of a man with a ladder taking all the plums. How do we deal with this? No conclusions!

Film Night
Pete is researching projectors and screens, it was felt that the 8”x6” screen was too small and we decided to go for the larger screen, he’ll reserve the equipment we need. The cost will be around 200.00-300.00 which we all though very reasonable.
As Andy hasn’t been responding to emails Pete is prepared to run the film on the night if necessary. Christophe will provide a long cable for the electricity supply, he’s checking that the one he has is long enough, if not we’ll buy one.

Rachel is booking 2 security guards from 6.30-10.30pm and this will cost 100.00.

Kate is still negotiating the licence to show the film and is waiting to hear which one we’ll be able to show. Jungle Book, Chicken Run, Tigger the Movie or Stuart Little.

Geraldine to design the poster.

Tora is in charge of the tea/food tent with Mary Cate, this year we will probably just have popcorn and drinks.

Apple Day
Julie to provide tables and small press, Bron to provide larger press. Christophe to buy a new ‘easy to put up’ gazebo which are 60.00-70.00. Bron has arranged for Palaver to play and for Geoff to do his thing and for a table of homemade produce for sale.
Rachel to do children’s games helped by Ken and others on the day. Liz to help with children’s activity table. Many people present said that they would make cakes and they can be left with Annie or brought straight to the orchard on the day.
More volunteers are needed.

Christophe told us we have around 2,000 in the account minus the 60.00-70.00 for the gazebo, otherwise nothing to report.

Ned has a list of useful phone numbers which he will forward.
Letterbox Library in Allen Road is almost ready to put on the market for rent. Rachel voiced concern that the new business shouldn’t be in competition with the other businesses in the road.
There seems to have been no consultation about the new bike park in Shakespeare Walk opposite the Shakespeare pub. Ken said that this type is moveable and is a trial to see if it’s used enough to warrant a covered parking space such as the one by Bodega cafĂ©. Although it was agreed that one was needed there we also felt that it would have been good to have been consulted.
Ned said that it will be there until 2nd week in October.
Rachel asked Ned to find out from the council why there was no consultation which he will do.

The next meeting will be on 8th October.

Dates for diaries
3rd October – volunteer gardening with bankers
4th October – Film night
8th October- SRA meeting
19th October- Apple Day
9th November- Community gardening
12th November – SRA meeting
10th December – SRA Christmas social

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