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Shakespeare Residents' Association & BUG meeting 11th February 2015

Meeting:   Shakespeare Residents' Association & BUG meeting
Time:          8:00pm
Date:          Wednesday 11th February, 2015
Venue:       The RoOM, 62 Allen Road

Geraldine, Maggie, Kate, Pete, Rachel, Liz, Isabella, Phil, Diane, Christophe, Pat, Tora, Jawad

Ken, Bron, Annie, Ned

The January minutes were approved

We welcomed Jawad and did a round of introductions

Maggie reported on new planting ideas: Annie has sent in a plan for planting the beds by the Allen road main entrance. Ken and the Garden school are keen to help out with planting in the woodland area.
Resurfacing is complete by Cowper road/Wordsworth road – will be opened shortly.
MUGA: delays with the floodlighting. As discussed in previous meetings, Maggie confirmed with Georgie that there should be some money left over from the grant received, Georgie will ask if this can be used in other areas of the park, if so, the first priority will be the orchard path. If not possible with the grant money, this will be first on the priority list for works that need doing in the park this year.
Georgie had also highlighted a crack in the wall near Milton grove.

Film Night
It was decided that we would organise a film night in the spring.
The suggested date is 25th April (still dark enough for a 7.30/8pm
start, while hopefully warm enough). Cost for last year’s equipment is still outstanding as Andy has not yet claimed it back. Christophe estimated that the cost for the admin (license, security etc) will be just over £400, excluding projection equipment.
Pete will look into equipment – Tora to forward email address for Edel McGrath in the Hackney council events team who may be able to help with suggested providers.
Tora will email Claire to get information on the council application
forms, which will need to be submitted by 13th of March latest.
Katie will handle the film license. We will apply for three films and
then choose once we know which ones are available.
Rachel will take care of volunteers.
Pat to coordinate music with Bron.
We decided we would ask for cake donations as well as making
popcorn this time.
Geraldine will make a poster (before 20th March).
A planning meeting in the Shakespeare pub was scheduled for
Wednesday 25th of February at 8pm to discuss film choices.

Letterbox Library site on Allen road
Email from the council detailing the property now on the market has been circulated to members to encourage local businesses. Jawal explained that he will submit a proposal for a social enterprise: an arts and crafts project focused on pottery and ceramics, with a studio for local people to get involved in making, and painting, clay artefacts. He had proposed to run it together with the council as a community interest project, however has been told that he will have to pay commercial rates, and is therefore looking for grants to ensure that it will be accessible also for those who cannot afford to pay for it. The general view at the meeting was that this was an interesting proposition, and that this is a use of the property that the respondents to our small survey would approve of.

Christophe told us we have £1,819.32 in the account minus the £100 for ‘Mary on the Green’ (and equipment cost for last film night, still outstanding), otherwise nothing to report.

Rachel raised the fact that Abney Park Cemetery is being taken over by the council from Abney Park Cemetery Trust. The Trust will hold a meeting on the 3rd of March to discuss. It is unclear what has caused this takeover, as the Trust was not looking to hand over responsibility, however it is not thought that this has anything to do with the Sainsbury’s project. The Trust will still be running events in the cemetery.

Christophe highlighted that Hackney council wants to close the ‘waste market’ on Kingsland road (held on Saturdays). There is a petition against this decision.
We discussed summer events, and preliminarily agreed we would arrange another picnic in July/August.

It was suggested that we look into organising a hustings between candiates for the parliamentary elections in May. This was organised by the SRA ahead of the last elections and proved very popular. Tora to email Keith, who was instrumental in organising last time, to see if this is something he would be able to assist with.

A message was passed on from Annie that the ‘Hackney Co Housing Group’ will be developing the vacant site at the end of Shakespeare Walk (off the cut through from the end of Albion Grove). The units on the site will be 10 Hackney Co-ho and 5 Peabody. Hackney will also be retaining a 25% share of the equity, which will keep the private homes (relatively) affordable. Hackney Co Housing Group is offering to take anyone interested to look at the site.

Tora read out the below feedback from the council on last month’s questions which had been put to Ned:

Re: Butterfield Green problems and opportunities for improvement

Thank you for your email regarding Butterfield Green, please find below our response to the points raised.

a) The pedestrian link between the MUGA and the other side of Shakespeare Walk, near SWAPA.  Agreed that improved lighting, improved pedestrian crossing and traffic calming measures are needed.  Is there budget for works like this and if not when might there be

Shakespeare Walk: The possibility of improved pedestrian access/facilities and traffic calming on Shakespeare Walk between the two parts of Butterfield Green was initially raised by colleagues in the Parks Service early last year. As discussed at the time we can understand why this has been raised as a prospective location for improvement and can see the merits in trying to improve linkage between the respective parts of Butterfield Green. However, and as I am sure you can appreciate, we do receive a significant number of requests for traffic management/road safety/pedestrian accessibility interventions and these must be assessed, along with potential projects and schemes that fulfil the Councils strategic transport objectives, stakeholder aspirations and statutory requirements, and prioritised accordingly when determining the most justifiable use of the limited funding available to us each year.

Following discussions with colleagues in Parks last year we added this location to our long list of prospective locations/schemes for consideration when prioritising our annual spending programmes. However, given that this is not a particularly heavily used road with a relatively low volume of traffic and there had been no historic accidents/safety issues that we are aware of we were unable to prioritise funding towards this location in the 2014/15 financial year. There were a number of other schemes that appeared to have greater justification. We are now starting to identify, assess and prioritise potential projects to take forward with funding in the 2015/16 financial year and I will see that Shakespeare Walk/Butterfield Green is given due consideration as part of this process. However, please note that we need to ensure we have a robust case for prioritising funding towards a particular scheme to ensure that we look to invest in the locations with the greatest demonstrable need.

I expect that by March we will be in a position to advice on our provisional improvement programme for the 15/16 financial year and whether Shakespeare's Walk is included. If it is not then it will continue to remain on our list of prospective schemes to be taken forward in subsequent years.

b) There is a notice forbidding various behaviours, including urinating, on the corner of Allen Road/Palatine Road.  It was felt that this is not a helpful notice.  Did residents ask for it? Can it be removed if there is enough support for doing so?

The notices placed along Allen Road by Butterfield Green warning members of public against anti-social behaviour such as urinating, dog fouling, littering and fly tipping were put up last year as a measure to reduce such negative behaviour in response to complaints. These temporary signs have now been removed, but they can be replaced with permanent signs should there still be a need for them.

c) The bins by the Allen Road park gates are apparently 'always' overflowing.  Residents were apparently told they are emptied every day - is this the case? It is thought that another charity clothes bin is needed.  This could also fill in the gap where people currently fly-tip.

Regarding the emptying of recycling bins, the site will receive at least a daily collection of a specific waste stream e.g. brown glass, green glass, clear glass, paper etc.  Different vehicles will collect different categories of waste on different days to ensure the various recyclable materials are kept separate.  The site does suffer from fly tipping and our dumps crew visit and clear it daily.  It is our belief that at this site any dumping outside of the bank is due to miss use of the bins and dumping around them rather than lack of capacity for clothes and shoes within the bank In light of this we do not believe a need to add an additional clothes bank at this site, however we will monitor it and take appropriate action if deemed necessary. The issue has been raised with the charity Islamic Relief who empty and collect the materials to make them aware.

Dates for diaries
25th February – Film planning meeting in the pub
11th March – SRA meeting
25th April – SRA/BUG Film night in the park

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