Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Shakespeare Residents' Association & BUG meeting 8th April 2015

Meeting:        Shakespeare Residents' Association & BUG meeting
Time:              Wednesday 8th April, 2015
Venue:           The RoOM, 62 Allen Road

Pat, Phil, Rachel, Tora, Diane, Bron, Alex

Ken, Maggie, Annie, Katie, Pete, Geraldine, Christophe

The Minutes of our March meeting were approved

Pump has been switched on and is in heavy use. Planting day confirmed with the Parks Department for Friday April 17th at 10.30 to plant up the prairie beds by the Allen Road entrance. Maggie has asked Georgie for some fencing for the Allen Road bed – hazel fencing suggested.
No updates from the council regarding the MUGA.

Film Night – Saturday 25th April
Council application forms submitted by Tora. Provisional acceptance has been received from the Parks Events Team. TEN also submitted. Pete has ordered the kit, to be picked up by Alex and Rachel on Friday 24th. Music to be acoustic, so no need for additional amplifiers. Phil will bring the key to the gardener’s hut. Rachel has booked security, same people and same rate as last time. We have requested at least one female security guard. Pat will be in charge of the food tent. Tora to send out another general email and ask for more cake donations. Phil and Christophe have the easy gazebos – both will be needed. 4pm setup start for volunteers. Geraldine will do the poster when she is back from holidays, Bron will print/laminate, and Alex will put them up.

New cheque for the Mary Wollstonecraft statue at Newington Green campaign needed – wrong name on the previous one.

The issue of rubbish outside the shop on Allen Road was raised. There is a problem with littering (small wrappers/containers being thrown on the ground around the shop entrance) as well as with black bin bags constantly standing around the tree. A council bin was suggested, however Bron highlighted that this has been tried before and only resulted in more rubbish being thrown on the ground around the bin. It was decided that Tora would raise it with the shop owners directly and then take it further to the council if necessary.

Keith Magnum at The Hackney Citizen has requested questions to be posed to the candidates during their election debates. We discussed three topics that would be interesting to hear their views on:
- Housing: how can money be unlocked to build more housing and how can we ensure a fairer rental market?
- Planning legislation: what needs to change in national legislation to allow local residents and councils to have an influence over local developments and the local environment?
- Sustainability: how to ensure a more sustainable Britain and Hackney?

Tora submitted the suggested questions to Keith.

Dates for diaries
17th April – Planting day, 10.30am
25th April – SRA/BUG Film night in the park
26th April – Election debates at the Arcola, Ashwin St. 2-4pm
13th May – SRA Meeting, 8pm
10th June – SRA AGM, 8pm
14th June – Gardening in Butterfield Green, 2-4pm

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