Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Shakespeare Residents' Association & BUG exec meeting, 10 June 2015

Pat, Christophe, Ned, Tora, Bron, Annie, Erayna, Mamta, MaryCate, Jawad, Liz, Caroline, Diane, Isabella, Rachel, Ken, Vivienne, Rajni
Guests: Ellie Cooke, Alice Boyle
Phil, Maggie, Geraldine, Silvia

The Minutes of our May meeting were approved

BUG/MUGA update from the past year
Annie gave a review of the year that has passed:

-       Apple Day was very well attended and appreciated this year
-       New Hackney Council Parks Officer, Georgie, has been very responsive and helpful on a number of matters since she started.
-       Following a grant being awarded, the MUGA has been renovated and lights have been installed to allow use during the evenings
-       The area around the Allen road entrance to the park (main gate) has been planted by BUG and volunteers

Plans for next year include a permanent path through the orchard and further planting of the woodland area, as well as fencing by the Allen road entrance.

The orchard work days have had very few volunteers this year. Any ideas for getting more people to come along would be welcome. All encouraged to attend this coming Sunday 2-4pm. Prior to this, the grass needs to be mowed – it was agreed that we would all send an email to Georgie and Michael Dixon to ensure this is done in time.

Jawad mentioned that he had seen some teenagers stripping the trees of apples and throwing them away. This has been a recurring problem, and will be highlighted to the parks department again.

SRA update from the past year
Pat gave a summary of the events and discussion topics of the past year:

-       We organized two film nights this year, one in the autumn and one in the spring, both appreciated (despite the shaky weather!) and well attended.
-       We also held a summer picnic with children’s games and music
-       The Sainsbury’s issue was on the agenda for most of the year, we are pleased to see that this has – at least for the moment – been halted
-       We made a donation towards the Mary Woolstonecraft statue in Newington Green, following a presentation at our Christmas Social by Roberta from ‘Mary on the Green’ about  Mary’s life
-       We made a joint submission of comments to the Cycle Superhighway consultation, following long discussions in meetings, and we understand that our comments have been taken into consideration.

Cash balance on 31 March 2015 was £1,780. Not all invoices from film night have been submitted, paid, however we can already conclude that it was positive – we made enough money from donations to cover the cost of putting on the event.

SRA Elections 2015/16
We thanked last year’s outgoing officials, and we elected the following for the next year:

Chair – Pat O’Leary
Vice Chair – Bron Jones
Secretary – Tora Olsson
Treasurer – Christophe Lutard
Website – Liz Stanbury
Facebook – Caroline Bolam
Signatories – Christophe Lutard , Annie Wilson, Tora Olsson, Claire Middleton

Luminary Bakery Introduction
Alice Boyle and Ellie Cooke from the Luminary Bakery social enterprise introduced themselves. They will be taking over the old ‘Letterbox Library’ site on Allen road, having won a contract from the council for a five-year period. Their organization, currently based in Shoreditch and Limehouse, works with providing training in baking to vulnerable women, giving them practical skills as well as business training. The women (generally referred via other organizations) have typically come out of homelessness, prostitution, or prison, and are marginalized and unable to find work. This gives them a way back into society and may hopefully be a route to paid work or apprenticeships.

Other than the work itself, there are also group activities organized for the women, and any volunteers in the community who would like to get involved – this could be an exercise class, for example – are very welcome to contact Luminary Bakery for further information.

They are hoping to gain access to the property in July to start work and then to start operations towards the end of this year. They will then start the training programs, which are typically 6 months, at the beginning of next year, training 12 women every 6 months.

There may also be a café section opening in due course.

The organization is affiliated to Kahaila charity (Kahaila café on Brick Lane), which started out of a church project to provide care for vulnerable women. It is run on a loosely Christian basis.
Dates for diaries
14th June – Gardening in Butterfield Green, 2-4pm
12th July – SRA/BUG picnic, Butterfield Green, 1-5pm
9th September – SRA/BUG Meeting, 8pm


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