Saturday, 5 March 2016

Shakespeare Residents Association & BUG Meeting Minutes

Time:                Wednesday 11th November 2015
Venue:              The RoOM 62 Allen Road
Present:            Maggie, Erayna, Annie, Silvia, Pat, Tom, Phil, Christophe, Rachel,
                           Diane, Bron           
Apologies:        Tora, Ken

Despite the small number of people at last Sunday’s gardening day a lot of the trees were pruned and the path was re-covered with wood chip which is a huge amount of work. We decided that there was too much pruning work and that some of the trees are now too large for us to reach and that we would ask Russel if he would come and do some of the work for us and use some of the money that was made at Apple Day to pay him. Maggie has written to ask him but hasn’t yet received a reply. Annie has contacted Georgie to find out what’s happening about the permanent surface on the orchard path and given that it hasn’t happened yet, could the parks department spread the chippings when necessary rather than BUG having to do this. Georgie is looking into the permanent path as it hasn’t yet been approved.
Woodland Planting:  BUG was mistakenly ccd in a letter from Michael Dixon to Georgie in which he says that BUG volunteers should prepare the ground prior to planting and the council will assist us with planting. This is in direct contradiction to what was agreed in the management plan; that before volunteer planting in Butterfield Green the ground needs to be prepared by the parks department and BUG will assist the planting out. BUG feels aggrieved by the attitude of Michael and the fact that what he’s saying is incorrect. Georgie has already ordered the plants for the woodland area but it was agreed that none of the BUG members are prepared to be involved in the planting until this is resolved. Maggie and Annie will write a letter to Georgie and cc Michael and Hackney Parks Forum to say that if the parks department prepare the ground we will assist them to plant the woodland area.

Christmas Social:
Rachel came with two ideas. A tree to make up and hang with the things we make, and paper Christmas hats which sound exotic. Pat suggested a biscuit competition (with prize)! and we will ask the people from the new bakery in Allen Road to judge. The bakery is not yet open but there are people working inside decorating etc. so hopefully soon. Phil will get 12 bottles of mulled wine and Maggie will get mince pies. We will all bring a dish to share.

Christophe reported that we made 326.00 at the very successful Apple Day. For our yearly donation it was decide to give 100.00 to the Refugee Centre and 100.00 to the local night shelter.

Rachel has attended the meetings about the footpath at the end of Shakespeare Walk. 55 Albion Grove is to be sold by Hackney Council probably for social housing. SRA support this.
There’s some concern over the amount of coffee grounds around the fruit trees in the orchard. Bron will ask Jason to now stop putting them there.
Rachel voiced concern that the government is changing the way of voting which could result in 23% of Hackney losing their vote. There is a voter registration drive 10.00am-1.00pm Saturday 14th and 11.00am – 2.00pm Sunday 15th and leaflet drop. The gathering point is at the new church on Green Lanes by Aden Terrace.
Sylvia suggested that as many useful items are left near the recycling bins near the park entrance perhaps there could be a shelter made to house them but it was thought that this would become another dumping ground. Christophe said that the electric goods waste bin hadn’t been emptied for a week and it was decided that the more people who phone the council to complain the more likely that something will get done. Sylvia suggested putting the relevant phone number on the bins and will do this.
A big thank you to Tora for all the work she’s done on the Cycle Super Highway.

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