Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Christophe's Recycling Project

Hi everybody,

I am doing an art recycling project. I wonder if anybody can help. I am looking for cheap plastic carry bags like from the market or corner shops, not chain supermarkets, just plain coloured ones, any colour or amount is fine, and I am happy to collect them. They are not popular anymore, but put in the bin they finish in landfield or in the sea...
So I will be quite happy to up-cycle them for you...

I attached a picture of my first unfinished project.
You can contact me by email at:

Thanks if you can help.


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Addison f said...

I think this idea is pretty awesome. I am not sure about this, but Buying reusable water bottles or paper shredding is also a great way to reduce waste and I think you also achieve your goal too? Cool ottoman seat and cute plant pots. These are also the examples of recycling projects.