Sunday, 16 July 2017

Butterfield Green Updates

Last Sunday we labelled all the fruit trees, cut off some damaged branches and dismantled the last compost bin.  Just a few of us - we'd really welcome your help - for however short a time - in the future.

The grass in the orchard (and the rest of the park) has been well looked after by Daven and his team  our thanks to them.

Stream and pump
We are continuing to ask Hackney Parks manager Michael Dixon and development manager Sam Parry about the stream and the hand pump in the main section of the park.  The original arrangement was that Hackney would start the stream and the hand pump for the Easter school holidays and maintain the stream, along with its tank, pump and drain, throughout the year.

It has only once happened in time!  This year we asked for the stream to be on for the June picnic.  Nothing happened.  We were then told the sump was blocked (as it hadn't been maintained).  Then last week we were told the stream pump is burned out (because it can't cope if the drain is blocked).  We do not know why the hand pump isn't working, as it has a separate source of water.

We have had no suggestion when the issue will be resolved.  We will contact the councillor in charge of parks if we do not get more information/action.

Orchard gates
We are asking Hackney to replace the orchard gates as there has been so much vandalism in the orchard (as well as dog poo!)  So far we have been told they can't find them...
Notice board
We are continuing to ask for a replacement front for the noticeboard at the Howitt Close entrance to the park.  Someone has obviously tried o clean the front with a soliution that has turned it opaque!

APPLE DAY will be in October - we cannot set a date until we can secure the apple-press and the apple-press operators!  Watch this space ...


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