Butterfield Green Community Orchard

Butterfield Green Community Orchard, planted on Sunday 11th February 2007, is intended to improve Butterfield Green by providing a place for enjoyment as well as sharing knowledge about growing fruit.

Hackney Parks Service prepared the ground and supplied some of the trees. The majority of the trees were supplied by Hackney’s Growing Communities – they run community gardens in Hackney and the Stoke Newington Farmers’ Market.

Pesticides are not used, so the orchard will add to the biodiversity of our area as it will be ideal for wildlife and for wild flowers, which can be planted between the trees.
Local residents and businesses got involved by:
  1. Commenting on suggested plans and suggesting a fruit tree or fruit bush they would like to see
  2. Adopting a tree – helping to plant it and to look after it (All the trees have been adopted and all adopters have an Orchard Contact from the Shakespeare Neighbourhood Residents’ Association to call on for help).
  3. Sponsoring a tree – contributing to the cost of the tree and its care.
Commercial orchards have decreased in area by almost 70% over the last 35 years – most of our apples are now imported.

Farmers do not use fruit trees in hedging and fruit growing is done less and less in suburban and city gardens.
Community orchards use local varieties of fruit as far as possible – this preserves different varieties, as well as making sure that the fruit trees are best suited to our local growing conditions.

Thank you: Paul Foinette of Hackney Parks Services for supporting the orchard in very practical ways – including supplying trees and ensuring a source of water for tree-adopters to use.

Thank you: Julie Brown of Growing Communities for inspiring the orchard and supplying trees and mulch.

Supported by:
Growing Communities: grow.communities@btopenworld.com
Hackney Parks Services: michael.dixon@hackney.gov.uk

Shakespeare Neighbourhood Residents Association: info@shakespeareresidents.org.uk